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Who is Jonathan Dowdall and what is Regency Hotel murder, all about?

Jonathan Dowdall will be discussed in this article. We will also let you know what the Regency Hotel murder is all about.

Who is Jonathan Dowdall.

He was a councillor. He was the former councillor of Sinn Féin  which is on Dublin City Council.

Dowdall had to retire from the Councillor position  in 2014 on the grounds of heath concerns.

The councillor  had been described as “a hard worker who will be missed in his elected role by local constituents”.

This description was attributable to Mary LouMcDonald. The former Councillor later came out with rumors that a section of  his party people had peddled untruth about him. He actually mentioned that, it was those from the North Inner City Section who peddled those rumors about him.

After first promising to stay with his party, after his resignation, Dowdall finally resigned from the party in 2015.

He is reported to have also founded an unnamed business in 2007.

on Monday, 17th October,2022, he received a 4 your sentence for facilitating the murder of David Byrne.

Jonathan Dowdall other history of crime and imprisonment.

This is not the first of the former councillor.

He is reported to have brushes with the law in 2015.

He is said to have advertised motorbikes for sale and one Alexander Hurley reached out to him.

Hurley expressed interest in the bikes and even made an offer for them.

Dowdall made an inquiry into Hurley’s life in an online search and found an issue of fraud with Alexander.

He made an invitation to his business partner for a dinner and this happened in 2015.

When Hurley got to the venue, the former councillor, rather took him to a garage where he tied Hurley with cables in a chair.

Hurley was given a bad treatment including Waterboarding and the incident recorded on video.

That was not all, Alexander Hurley and his family were said to have been threatened.

Alexander H. had to endured that humiliation up till 10pm when Dowdall and his associates released him from his unlawful detention.

Gardai had the footage of Alexander detention, when they search  his apartment.

Jonathan Dowdall told them that he was part of the IRA. The IRA stands for the Iris Republican Army.

The army also known as the Provisional Irish Republican Army,  is an informal Irish Republican paramilitary group which was linked with the fight to British rule in Northern Ireland.

Jonathan along with his father was sentenced to twelve(12) and eight (8) years respectively.

They two were guilty of false imprisonment in the incident which occurred on 15th January,2015.

He had his crime reduced to 10 years in 2008 after an appeal’s court decision.

What is the Regency Hotel murder and what was Jonathan role in it.

Jonathan D. was sentenced along with his father for this crime. But what was it at all?

One Mr. Byrne was shot and he died instantly in the Regency Hotel in 2016,specifically in February.

And so, how did that incriminate Jonathan and his father?

This is the fun part of the whole episodes.

The court was told that Jonathan’s father Patrick Dowdall, booked a room in the Regency hotel, a day before the attack.

He drove Jonathan to the hotel,for him to pay cash for the accommodation.

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The funniest part of it all is that the keys of the room which was booked by his father and paid for by Jonathan was given to someone who is a member of a crime group.

The room was actually used by one Patrick Murray, who was a member of the Republican(dissident member).

Patrick Murray, who have since died was one of those who hit Byrne the next day

The attack on Byrne was the initial stages of the Hutch-Kinahan gangland feud.

Hutch who was the leader of the organized group that led to the killing of Byrne is to stand trial on Tuesday for his role in that infamous murder.

The former Sinn Fein councillor was charged with the murder of 34 year old David Byrne back in 2012.

He was charged along with Gerry Hutch. They pair are reported to have said in their review that the trial at the high court was  as they put it “unlawful and a breach of their fundamental rights because the court was acting as a permanent institution after being established on a temporary basis”.

The case was ruled out by one Anthony Barr and Dowdall and his pal Hutch then went ahead to appeal the decision of the High Court.

In May, 2022, the panel sitting on the case had to reserve their judgement. This was after they were told that Dowdall had sought to appeal the decision of Anthony Barr.

The case was adjourned to July,2022. This was to pave way for the what the supreme court will say.

Jonathan and long with his father Patrick Dowdall pleaded guilty in their role in the murder of David Byrne in September,2022.

They were said to have facilitated the murder of 34 year old David Byrne.

By the next month which is October, it came out that Jonathan wanted to be a witness in the case.

The case of murder was not added to Jonathan. Though, he was convicted for facilitating the murder of the 34 year old.

He was placed under Gardai protection, when he was assessed for the witness for protection programmed.

It is not clear why his father, Patrick Dowdall will be given two  years while his son, the former Councillor will be given four years.

It is also not clear what information, they had that made them give different convictions  for the same crime.

This follows the narrative given that, it was his father who went and booked the hotel room at Regency hotel.

It was still his father who drove his son to the hotel for him to make payment for the room.

It is still not clear either, which of them handed the keys to Murray, the key person who was part of the killers of David Byrne.


By Robert

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