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Who is Jonathan Davis?The Homeless Florida man who stabbed a hiker.

Jonathan Davies who stabbed a hiker in Florida will be up for discussing in this article.

Who is Jonathan Davis?

He is a 37 homeless man from Florida.

He was arrested on Tuesday on charge of stabbing a hiker.

He was found with blood stains on his clothes.

His victim is a 45 year old man who made camp not far from Davis location.

The hiker went for the camp along with his wife.

They made friends with Davis who is said to be homeless.

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The hiker who came from Ohio was stabbed in the abdomen. The reason why Davies stabbed him is still not clear.

It was the wife of the 45 year old hiker who had to travel for a long distance to enable get network to call 911.

Her husband was taken to the hospital where he managed to survive.

The stabbing incident took place at Florida Natural Scenic Trail which is in Crestview.

How was Jonathan Davis arrested?

He was arrested after the hiker’s wife gave a description of Davies to the police.

Jonathan Davis was arrested while he was walking on the Sate Road 85.

He has been charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

The knife which Davis used in the attack was still in his pocket during his arrest.

It is not clear if Davies is mentally stable.


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