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Who is John McVie? Christine McVie 1st husband

The article looks at John McVie, who is the ex-husband of Christine McVie. We will also look at why she decided to keep his name, despite their divorce.

Who is John McVie?

John Graham McVie  is the first husband of British musician, Christine McVie.

He was born on 26th November,1945 and is a British bass Guitarist.

John McVie is known as being a member of the John Mayall inspired rock band, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers.

He was also in the Fleetwood band with his ex-wife, Christine McVie. It has been reported the name of the band: Fleetwood Mac is an abbreviation of Mick Fleetwood  himself and McVie.

Christine Perfect joined the band, two years after their marriage.

John McVie and his ex-wife divorced in 1976. The 77 year old John McVie got married to Christine  in 1968.

He remained friends with Christine McVie after their divorce. They maintained business relationships.

This might explained the decision of the famed Christine Perfect to maintain his surname in her name.

John McVie is said to have recorded the Rumours album when they were together.

The rumour album is reported to have taken its name from the shaken marriage and relationships of their fellow Fleetwood Mac band members.

John McVie moved ahead in his marriage life.

He remarried Julie Ann Reubens in 1978. He is said to be drinking heavily, even after his marriage with Julie.

Who is Christine McVie? John McVie ex-wife.

McVie is reported to have died in a hospital on 30th November 2022, at 79.

The 1998 Rock and Roll Hall of fame singer, Christine McVie was born on 12th July,1943.

The British musician and Vocalist who also doubled as a keyboardist was a member of the British and American rock band, Fleetwood Mac.

Christine McVie who was also called Christine Perfect joined the band in 1970, after three years of its establishment.

Aside, her influences in the band, she also had three albums of her own. Most of Christine McVie songs centered on love and relationships.

She has been described as “Unabashedly easy-on-the-ears singer/songwriter, and the prime mover behind some of Fleetwood Mac’s biggest hits.” by the American online music data base: AllMusic.

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Christine McVie, who is a two times Grammy Award Winner, was also honored with the  Ivor Novello Award.

It was for her immerse achievement in the  British Academy of Songwriters, composers and authors.

The famous musician was with the Fleetwood Mac in 2013, when they came to O2Arena in London.

She also was part of the band in 2014, before their “On with the show tour”.

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