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Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson will be hugely discussed. We will look at Tatjana Patitz ex-husband.

Who is Jason Johnson?

He is the ex-husband of famous model, Tatjana Patitz.

Jason Johnson shared with her, their lovely son, Jonah.

Tatjana Patitz who is said to have a net worth of $14 million was once married to Jason Johnson.

Not much is known of Jason Johnson. There is not much information about Jason Johnson  marriage to his famous ex-wife, Tatjana.

We know that their son Jonah Patitz was born in 2004. It means that by that time, the former couple were still married.

We don’t know much about Jason Johnson. There is another Jason Johnson, who is an American  academician.

We cannot independently verify, if he is the same person, who is the ex-husband of Patitz

Who was Tatjana Patitz? Jason Johnson ex-wife

She was a German model and actress, who was born on 25th March,1966.

Famed as a Supermodel, Tatjana Patitz rose to prominence back in the 80s and 90s.

She represented fashion designers Internationally on most runways  and even magazines.

Tatjana Patitz appeared in magazines like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue back in the days.

She was among the five big Supermodels to have appeared in the 1990 hit music viedo “Freedom! ’90” by one George Michael.

Tatjana Patitz was referred by author  Nigel Barker as someone who possesses” exoticism and broad emotional range that set her apart from her peers”. He named her among the 50 top models at the time.

Not only Nigel Barker, saw the uniqueness of Patitz in her heydays.

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Creative director Grace Coddington with the Vogue in a memoir in 2012  referred to Patitz as  “one of the original supermodels and a must in photographs and on the catwalk”.

Anna -Wintour, an editor in chief of the Vogue said Patitz made imprints in her mind and was  always been one of her favorite models.

She was admire by huge personalities like author Linda Silvertsen, who had kind words for her and described her as someone with “the acceptance of statuesque and curvaceous beauty in an industry of extreme thinness”.

Tatjana Patitz had huge love for animals  and the environment.

Who is Jonah Patitz?Jason Johnson son

He is the only known child of famous actress and supermodel, Tatjana Patitz.

Jonah Patitz was born in 2004. He is the son of Patitz and her then boyfriend Jason Johnson.

Jonah Patitz has been influenced greatly by his mother and has taken after her career path.

He is a model, who has taken on the shoes of her mother. Jonah Patitz is not only being loved by his mother, but was a “source of happiness” to her.

She revealed this in a 2019 interview with the  Mercedes-AMG‘s 63Magazine.

Patitz stated at the time that:”My son is my source of happiness in life. My friends, my animals, and nature give me balance and satisfaction – the feeling of being connected…I would like to send an empathetic person with a big heart out into the world. Jonah should always have the self-belief to be himself and to embody and articulate his own attitude and opinions….Having compassion and care for everything that exists. For our planet, animals, nature, and people.”

Patitz in the same interview spoke passionately about beauty and growing older. She said: “I am proud of my wrinkles. I worked for each one and they belong to me. Growing older is beautiful. You become wiser and more mature. For me, giving away or changing that gift is not an option…Beauty means being a good person and being there for others. In my opinion, beauty is not only about looks, but everything that makes up a person.”


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