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Who is Lynda Brown? Bob Ross 3rd wife.

Jane Ross is under discussion in this article. We will examine her marriage with famous personality Bob Ross.

Who was Bob Ross? Jane Ross ex-husband

Robert Norman Ross  was a former soldier with the US air force. He got to the rank of Master sergeant.

He was a famous  also American painter, art instructor as well as a television host.

He was born on 29th October,1942 to Jack and Ollie Ross.’

Bob Ross is said to be the creator and also host of the popular The Joy of Painting.

It was an instructional program on television which was on television  for a year.

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It was on major channels like PBS, CBC and many others.

Who is Jane Ross? Bob Ross ex-wife?

She is the ex-wife of late Bob Ross. He was the former painter’s second wife.

She died in 1992 from cancer. She did not have children with Ross. Bob’s first wife was Vivian Ridge. They divorced in 1977 over infidelity on the part of Ross.

Ross got married in 1995 to  Lynda Brown, his third wife.

This was just two months to his death.

By Robert

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