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James Toliver Craig

James Toliver Craig will be discussed in this post. We will tell you how he allegedly poisoned his own wife for sinister reasons.

Who is James Toliver Craig?

James Toliver Craig
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He is a 45 year old man from Colorado. He is a dentist and a married man.

Craig is married with 6 children. All went well until he met his mistress.

He is said to have exchanged “sexually explicit ” emails with her.

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He then invited his mistress who is from Texas to Denver.

This was after he had poisoned his own wife.  He did this by poisoning his wife’s protein shakes with the toxins.

He made the order for the poison from his office computer. He had searched how to kill someone without being detected.

Why did James Toliver Craig poison his wife?

He killed her so that he can be with his new mistress. He ordered for “canister of toxic potassium cyanide”.

His wife went into admission two days after the poison arrived. Toliver Craig wife condition deteriorated at a faster rate.

She was first admitted after she complained of “dizziness and headaches”.

She was admitted last Wednesday and immediately placed on a ventilator.

She moved from the ventilator to the point when her brain was declared dead.

She was finally taken off from the life support from Sunday and declared dead.

Who is James Toliver Craig wife?

Her wife’s name is Angela Craig.  She is the mother of six children.

Angela is a 43 year old woman. Her sister said Craig “had multiple affairs with several women, told Angela he had been addicted to pornography since he was a teenager and drugged Angela approximately five to six years ago.”


James Toliver Craig and wife.
Image Source:nypost

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