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Huw edwards wife

We will answer the question of who is Huw Edwards wife?. We will also tell you why she decided to name her husband as the BBC Presenter at the heart of the sex scandal.

Who is Huw Edwards?

He has been working with the UK’s State broadcaster for close to 40 years now. Huw Edward was born on 18 August,1961. He is a celebrated and famous presenter  as well as news reader.

His days at the BBC saw him present shows such as  BBC News at Ten,  which is the stations huge news programme.

The 61 year old presenter who may be retiring prematurely also covered state as well as International events with the famous broadcaster.

Huw Edwards has also covered most royal events and some of them include the  wedding of Prince Williams, The Diamond and Platinum Jubilees of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Huw Edwards was the lead presenter for the 2019 general election for the BBC on the 12 and 13 December of that year.

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Huw Edwards suffered depression back in 2002.

Who is Huw Edwards wife? Vicky Flind

Huw Edwards

Huw is married to his wife Vicky Flind. She is a television producer. Vicky Flind work also include editing and he edited famous shows like  This Week and Peston.

She lived with her husband in Dulwich. The couple shared five children together.

Vicky Flind husband is a devoted christian who is said to be attending church services weekly.

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Why did Vicky Flind name her husband as BBC presenter at the heart of the sex scandal?

Flind came out with a statement in which she named her husband as the presenter who is at the heart of the BBC’s presenter sex scandal.

This brings to an end the speculation which has been rift for some time now.

This statement does not expose her husband as some may be thinking.

Vicky Flind is rather giving a spirited defense to her husband and goes further to say, this will help them in the few difficult days to which the family have gone through.

See Vicky Flind statement below which was copied from TheSun.

“In light of the recent reporting regarding the ‘BBC Presenter’ I am making this statement on behalf of my husband Huw Edwards, after what have been five extremely difficult days for our family.

“I am doing this primarily out of concern for his mental well-being and to protect our children.

“Huw is suffering from serious mental health issues.

“As is well documented, he has been treated for severe depression in recent years.

“The events of the last few days have greatly worsened matters, he has suffered another serious episode and is now receiving in-patient hospital care where he’ll stay for the foreseeable future.

“Once well enough to do so, he intends to respond to the stories that have been published.

“To be clear Huw was first told that there were allegations being made against him last Thursday.

“In the circumstances and given Huw’s condition I would like to ask that the privacy of my family and everyone else caught up in these upsetting events is respected.

“I know that Huw is deeply sorry that so many colleagues have been impacted by the recent media speculation. We hope this statement will bring that to an end.”

Does Huw Edward have cancer?

There is no record to show that he has cancer. The only known sickness that Huw Edwards have is the depression which he suffered in 2002.



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