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Hobie Landrith wife

Hobie Landrith wife will be discussed. We will look at their marriage, careers and children.

Who is Hobie Landrith wife?

Landrith was a family man. He was married to his wife,Peggy Landrith.  The couple met many many years ago at Estrabrook Grammar School.

They were in tenth grade at the time they met.

The couple had their had their won Randy in 1954 specifically on 18th November. Landrith was away in far away Puerto Rico playing.

The player had to wait till Christmas day, when he was approved by the teams manager to travel home to see his son.

He  had to travel back home at his own expense. He had to fly back to Puerto Rico again at his own expense and had to play only one match before having had his contract terminated.

The player was released him though he was doing quiet well with an impeccable record of being “the 3rd highest batting average in the league”.

The player was drafted by the Mets on 10th October,1961. The lucky player also receive the double dose of having had his wife giving birth, 4 days after he was drafted.

How did Peggy Landrith  husband died?

He died at home on 6thbApril,2023. He died at 93 at his Sunnyvale, California home.

The cause of his death was not disclosed, but is likely to be from natural causes given his age.

Landrith took another job as auto salesman while at the Chicago cubs.  The player who retired in 1963 took his auto business seriously.

He became a full auto business worker in 1965 where he worked as relation agent.

He even became the director of sales  for as many as 45 Volkswagen dealerships who were in Northern California.

By Robert

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