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Gezim Idrzi

Gezim Idrzi will be discussed in this post. We will tell you why the famous body guard is been jailed.

Who is  Gezim Idrzi?

He is a 37 year old body guard of Irish famous MMA/UFC fighter,Conor McGregor.

He is a business owner in security. Gezim Idrzi is the owner of the security business by name GZ Professional security Ltd.

He is the managing director of this security company.

His business is located at Rosemount Business Park  which is in Ballycoolin. He is an Albania man who came to Ireland when he was only 15 years old.

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He has risen through hard work to become a business man in Ireland.

He stays at Luttrellstown Heights which is in Castleknock in Dublin. The security business executive has many years of working with the famous Irish personality.

What is the crush of the matter on Gezim Idrzi assault case?

This is an assault case he has been battling with since 2016. He has since denied all claims that he assaulted the said man in his business center over 7 year ago. He has been sentenced to three years and three months for assaulting a man and making him unable to work for six months.

The 37 year old was found guilty in a Dublin circuit in February over the assault.

He was however acquitted on another charge of “false imprisonment of the man at GZ Security at Rosemount Business Park in Ballycoolin”.

The man is known by Idrzi went to his business center to transact a business. The offer which his victim came to do did not succeed, so his victim went to another place to continue his business. He however received a call back from Idrzi asking him to comeback so that they can conclude on the offer.

When his victim returned, Idrzi was joined by another person and Idrzi told this second man that his victim had defrauded him in the past. He then pounced on his victim and hit him on the face with a fist.

The second man who joined Idrzi then held the victims hands to the back so that Gezim Idrzi can continue his beatings or assault of this man.

He was tortured by Idrzi and his colleague using tapes to bound him to the chair and even kept a towel on his head. The man suffered under the hands of the two and even went unconscious a number of times.

He was asked to go home and never tell Gardai or he risked being killed.

Mr.Gezim  Idrzi’s victim suffered facial fractures among other health issues. He reported the matter to the police and that was how the issue finally came to court.

By Robert

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