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Who is Gemma Brogan?Woman who starved 7 kids and 36 dogs and live lavishly in parties.

The article looks at Gemma Brogan, the woman behind the 7 starved children and 36 dogs in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Who is Gemma Brogan?

She is a 41 year old woman from Eastbourne in East Sussex.

She used to work as a dance teacher.

She had a partner who is a 35 year old man by name Chrisptopher Bennet.

The couple lived with 7 kids and as many as 36 dogs.

The issue is not the 36 dogs, but the neglect she handed over to the 7 children.

The 41 year old Brogan is said to have spent the nearly £7,000-a-month in benefits for the children on her own aggrandizement.

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Miss Gemma Brogan who has been described as shameless and heartless spent the money on lavish parties and even sightseeing.

The gravity of the way Gemma Brogan neglected the 7 kids cannot be described.

Just imagine 36 dogs in a three bedroom home with seven kids.

The ages of the children ranges between four years and 17 years and the worst part is yet to come.

The police reports shows how one of the kids was seen in a nappy and that was not all. The said child was covered with dogs faesces and was sleeping next to a dead dog.

The house in Eastbourne was filled with 36 dogs

One of the kids had blonde hair and it was  only discovered after the said child was bathed several times.

One of  kids had rotten teeth and it was told in court that the teeth to be removed after they were found.

The Children’s services carers sum up the gravity of the neglect as follows:”They were all underweight, pale and could not sit at a table or use a knife or fork”.

The those aged four and a little above did not know how to brush their teeth. What?

In today’s world? One could not read.

Shocking, but true.

Some of the children had eating habits said to be bizarre and equally had no social skills.

Simply put, the kids were left to fend for themselves.

Imagine how a four year old child can protect his or her food from a number of hungry dogs.

Gemma Brogan and her younger partner handed hefty convictions.

The couple who had were said to have what the court said was a toxic relationship were each given a six year jail sentence.

By Robert

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