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Who is Francisco Villicana?California police officer who shoots self in hand and kills another man while cleaning his personal gun.

Francisco Villicana will be at the center of discussing in this article. We will look at how the officer in a shocking mistake, shot himself and killed another in a vital error.

Who is Francisco Villicana?

He is a 22 year old police officer at Santa Cruz in California.

Villicana has been with the Santa Cruz police department since February this year.

He has been put on leave as the department investigate what led to his personal gun discharging and hurting him, while killing another.

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He was off duty when the avoidable mistake happened.

The California officer was cleaning his personal gun on Friday around 5.45pm when the unfortunate event occurred.

The gun discharged in the course of the officer cleaning exercise.

Cruz shot himself in the hand, while another man by name Luis Ferro-Sanchez was also hit.

The 20 year Luiz Ferro-Sanchez was hit at the upper part of his body and he died later at the hospital.

Police confirm  Francisco Villicana vital error in a statement.

Authorities confirmed the incident in a statement. They said:

“While handling the firearm he accidentally discharged a single round striking himself in the hand, the bullet continued striking Ferro-Sanchez in the torso.”

How was Francis Villicana related to Luiz Ferro-Sanchez?

It is not clear how the two men are related. It is possible that they two men might know each.

Villicana is said to be the one who reported the unfortunate incident to the police.

Although, the incident might be an accident, Villicana has been referred to the District Attorneys office.


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