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Francisco Oropeza

We will look at the bizarre thing Francisco Oropeza did by shooting 5 people dead in Texas over a simple issue.

Who is Francisco Oropeza?

Francisco Oropeza.

He is a 39 year old man. He is a migrant from Mexico.

Francisco Oropeza is said to have gone on a shooting spree like he was acting a film.

He allegedly shot 5 people dead. All his victims were migrants just like himself.

What were their crime that warranted this barbaric treatment?

Francisco Oropeza was said to have been drunk at the time.

He was provoked by a plea to him that he should stop firing his rifle because a child was trying to sleep.

He is said to have gotten infuriated by this and aimed his rifle at his innocent victims.

He shot all in the head in what appeared as an execution style as seen in the Hondurans.

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This cruel killings took place in Cleveland in Texas.

This is a location which is 45 miles outside of Houston.

He fled the scene, but was later arrested around a wooded area. The murder weapon was found along with another rifle, shotgun, and pistol.

These ones were found at his home.

Who Francisco Oropeza victims?

His victims were not named. The ages of those killed are said to be between 8 to 40 years.

There were a total of 10 people in the home when the shootings started,but the 5 were the only ones who lost their lives.

Oropeza who was described by his neighbor as being “guzzling booze” at the time was shooting at his backyard.

The neighbor added that: “These people stepped out to ask him to quiet down, and he took offense to that and walked into their house and basically executed them.”

Police statement said he shot them with a AR-15-style .223 caliber rifle.

One of his 5 victims was found by the doorway to the living room while another was found in the living room.

Two more victims who were women were found dead in the upstairs.

These brave women shielded their young children who are said to have survived.

Three other victims were lucky to have survived, but injured and were rushed to the hospital.

Francisco Oropeza


By Robert

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