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Who is Fr Seán Sheehy?

Fr Seán Sheehy will be discussed in this article. We will look at his beliefs that seem to be at war with many who are oppose to them.

Who is Fr Seán Sheehy?

He is a retired priest with Baton Rouge.

He returned to Kerry in 2007 from  his base in Baton Rouge in Louisiana.

His trouble began at St Mary’s Church on Tuesday when he reportedly stepped in as deputy for Fr Declan O’Connor.

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He spoke the Gospel truth by telling parishioners that the practice of transgenderism is  ‘lunatic’.

He added that their stance conflict with the creator of the Universe and the truth in his word.

He said:

“What is so sad today is we rarely hear about sin, but it’s rampant,” the priest said. “We see it for example in the legislation of our governments, we see it in the promotion of abortion, we see it in the example of this lunatic approach of transgenderism and in promotion of sex between two men and two women,” he added.

“That is sinful. That is mortal sin, and people don’t seem to realise it. But it’s a fact, it’s a reality. And we need to listen to God about it – because if we don’t, then there is no hope for those people.”

Fr Seán Sheehy further added: “You have a responsibility to seek out those who are lost. You have a responsibility to call people to an awareness that sin is destructive, sin is detrimental, and sin will lead us to hell […] Heaven is full of converted sinners”.

He added that: ”The day you die, you will find out [it] is the truth”. He also told parishioners: “God loves you. He has come to call sinners. He wants you to have life, and to have it to the full”.

You can listen to his voice in this attached below.




Fr Seán Sheehy words did not sit well with some members.The displeased members left the church in rage or disapproval.

This is not Fr. Sheehy first, he is said to have made similar comments to Danny Foley, a convicted sex offender in 2009.

He described the way the convicted Foley disrespected women and added that he had ‘not an abusive bone in his body’.

It was his handshake with Foley that had many boiling with rage.

Leo Varadkar have however disagreed with Sheehy. He indicated that he could not have been holier than the Pope.

Reaction of the Catholic Church to Fr Sean Sheehy.

The Catholic church has distanced it self from the position of Fr Sheehy.

They have asked him not hold mass for now. Sheehy spoke about how  Dr Ray Browne, who is the Bishop of Kerry has asked him not to hold mass again.

Unperturbed Fr Sean Sheehy told a Kerry radio that his critics from the priesthood did not know the doctrine of the Catholic church.

He said his views are from the Bible and  he will stand by them at any point in time.

He said, his views are supported by many members of the Catholic church even in Kerry. He wonders why the rest of the parishiners at St Mary’s Church did not leave, but remained in the chapel.

This, he added is because, they agreed with all that he was saying.

By Robert

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