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Who is Fr Ray Kelly? The singing Priest.

We will look at Fr Ray Kelly, Ireland’s singing priest.

Who is Fr Ray Kelly?

He is a 69 year  Oldcastle priest from Co Meath.

He is working on representing his native Ireland at the famous Eurovision  song contest in 2023.

Father Ray Kelly who has been nicknamed the singing cleric was at dancing with the stars.

The celebrity cleric took part in the 2020 edition of dancing with the stars.

He could not progress far in that competition.

Fr Ray Kelly came to the limelight with his 2014 REM track which was a hit.

He also contested Britain’s Got Talent where he went as far as to the Semi-final.

The cleric spoke about the song in an interview with the IrishMirror.

He said the song which was recorded in Austria is about the conscience of humanity.

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He even revealed that he is working on a video for his REM track and that it may come during  the New year.

“It’s a song about our conscience and if we listen to it, we can decide on our good and bad. I think it’s a good song, it’s almost like a semi-country song.

“We made a video of it, and we’ll probably release that in the new year.

“I probably haven’t a hope anyway.

“I know it’ll never happen, but it is just one of my dreams– we’re all entitled to have our dreams.”

Is Fr Ray Kelly too old to go to Eurovision?

The singing priest/cleric is bent on representing his country. He said he submitted a song last year. That song did not make it and he added that he has also submitted another song and he is hopeful that he will make it this time around.

He said: “I was over in Innsbruck there. We sent one in to represent Ireland in the Eurovision last year but it didn’t make it so we sent another one in this year.

“It’s a great song too. It’s something I’d love to do.”

To those who thinks, the 69 year old is too old to represent Ireland, then think again.

He has an answer for you. He said : “Most people probably think I’m too old for that kind of thing but there has been older than me representing different countries and I think Ireland has done very badly in the last few years.”






By Robert

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