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Who is for the Austrian-registered Cessna 551 plane that fell into the Baltic Sea?

News reports indicates that a mysterious plane fell into the Baltic sea today. The article examines the source of the plane and why it fell into the Baltic sea. We will also determine the owners of the plane.

Who are those in the Mysterious plane that fell into the Baltic sea?

 The mysterious plane crashed into the Baltic sea specifically off the Latvian Coast .

The plane involved is private Cessna plane.

The plane is said to have move in an erratic flight. It origin is said to be in Southern Spain, as Nato jets scrambled to follow its route.

It has been reported that there were four people on board the plane. The identities of the individuals have not been disclosed. The owner of the private plane has equally not be revealed.

The Plane is said to have originally planned to land in Cologne Germany, but unfortunately landed into the Baltic.

Nato pilots and Swedish officials which tracked the plane such the could not see any one in the Cockpit.

It is  Austrian-registered Cessna 551 and reportedly “took off from the Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera at 12:56 GMT, according to the FlightRadar24 website”.

A German Newspaper Bild reported that the plane had  Cabin pressure  problems. This was after take-off and its contact was lost, after it allegedly “cleared the Iberian Peninsula”.

There are reports that fighter jets from different countries followed the Cessna plane in its infamous journey.

Rescue mission ongoing for the Austrian-registered Cessna 551 plane

As at 17:37, the FlightRadar24 reported that it was losing speed and altitude.

There have been rescue efforts ongoing . The rescue services are from Sweden and Lithuanian air force Helicopters who were dispatched after it came out that the plane fell into the sea near the Latvian city of Ventspils.

By Robert

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