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Who is Fintan Tindley?The HSE worker who allegedly who robbed post offices

The article looks at Fintan Tindley and how he could be spending his Christmas behind bars over this crime.

Who is Fintan Tindley?

He is a HSE care worker who had ambition of vising his fiance in the United States.

Fintan Tindley is from the Cork town of Mahon. He is from the Loughmahon Avenue area of Mahon.

The 49 year old HSE care worker is reported to have robbed three post offices. He did the raid to raise money to visit his fiancee in the US. Weird, is it not?

Fintan Tindley is now up and arms with the law. He appeared before a judge in a Cork district court over that unusual behavior.

He faced going to jail unless he can find money for his bail.

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He is said to have to cough out €5,000, being an independent surety and a  further cash lodgement of €500.

Fintan Tindley charges has been robbery and attempted robbery.

The said robbery occurred at South Douglas Road post office and this was on 11th  November.

Another robbery by the 49 year old occurred on 18th November at the Ballintemple post office.

Who is this fiancee that Fintan Tindley is eager to visit that he had to rob to make it happen?

His fiancee is said to be a lady by name Skye. Fintan Tindley has been to the US two times already to be with this lady whom, it has been reported that both are  now engaged.

He is said to have met this Skye lady online and it further got to they meeting in person and finally to engagement.

His woes goes beyond the robbery. Fintan is said to have obtain another €4,000 from a “pensioner whom he had attended on as a home care assistant”.

That is not all too, Fintan who seem to be in love had taken a loans of €27,000.

He took that loan from the credit union and took another €10,000 from An Post.

Fintan Tindley in his attempt to please this young lady had also also borrowed €3,000 from “the widow of a man whom he had taken care of in the course of his work”.

It also came out in the court that, he has sent a total of some €19,000 to this fiancee of his.

The money sent to his fiancee include the money he made from his two raid of the post offices.

The money made from his post offices raids are said to be more than €3,000.

Fintan Tindley
Image Credit: Irish mirror

A Gardai detective  Motherway spoke about their examination of his phone shows how he had google for the locations of other post offices.

They say they believed he was seeking a plan to rob those post offices as well.

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