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Who is Ezekiel Kelly? The Memphis shooting suspect: as his victims are identified.

The article looks at the Memphis  shooting suspect. We will examined Ezekiel Kelly’s life and his past history of crime.

We will also determine the motive for his latest gun shooting spree. We will finally let you know of the victims as they have been identified by the police.

Who is Ezekiel Kelly?

He is a 19 year old man  from Memphis in Tennessee.

Ezekiel Kelly has done what Mayor Jim Strickland  called a “senseless murder rampage.”

He has been accused of live-streaming a series of shootings outside of the city.

He has also been accused of killing four during that shooting spree.

Ezekiel Kelly is said to have a violent history.

Who is Phillip Rainey?Grandson of UUP councillor Allan Rainey, who died while his way to see his son in hospital.

He was only released in 2020 and he is back at it again.

Kelly was charged with attempted first degree murder in 2021.

He was however lucky to have his plead reduced to aggravated assault in April, 2021.

Ezekiel Kelly was supposed to spend 3 years in jail, but was released in March, after only 11 months in jail.

Who is Ezekiel Kelly? The Memphis shooting suspect: as his victims are identified.

The Mayor said:

“If Mr. Kelly served his full three-year sentence, he would still be in prison today and four of our fellow citizens would still be alive,” Strickland said.

Ezekiel Kelly other criminal records also included reckless endangerment and firearms charges.

He was charged with first-degree murder on Wednesday for allegedly shooting a man infront of three witnesses.

Kelly was identified by the witnesses in a six man line up.

The witnesses were friend of the victim and the suspect.

The victim was identified as Dewayne Turnstall. He was pronounced dead at around 1pm at the scene by paramedics.

How was Ezekiel Kelly arrested?

He carjacked a woman and shot her multiple times and drove away in it.

The police officers then spotted Kelly. He led the police on a high speed chase from Mississippi to Memphis.

The chase ended when he crashed his stolen car.

He was then placed under arrest and that was how the shooting spree ended.

Who were Ezekiel kelly victims?

The victims have not been officially identified, but family members have identified a 17-year-old Corteria Wright as one of the dead and the other is Rodolfo Berger  who was wounded.

Who is Ezekiel Kelly? The Memphis shooting suspect: as his victims are identified.

The 24 year old Dewayne Turnstall was also identified. He was shot in front of friends of him and Kelly.

Kelly is said to have called Turnstall aside and they started talking again. He then shot him in the head severally.

The name of the man Kelly shot at the AutoZone store on Jackson Avenue has been identified by his daughter to be

Rodolfo Berger. He has been hospitalized and is said to be in critical condition. She said:

Who is Ezekiel Kelly? The Memphis shooting suspect: as his victims are identified.

“Today my dad was a victim of a senseless act of violence,” Jenny Berger wrote on her Facebook page. “He was in an autozone in Memphis, TN minding his own business and someone came in and shot him while they were going live on Facebook. I’m still thinking I’m going to wake up from this viral nightmare.”

The woman whose car Ezekiel Kelly hijacked has been identified to be Allison Parker.

She was a nurse who worked as a medical assistant at the Family Practice Center of West Memphis.

Allison Parker was identified by both her daughter and her employer.

A friend of Allison Parker  wrote on Facebook that  she left behind her three kids and a fiance.

“She was the most beautiful and selfless person I’ve ever had the honor of calling a friend,” Taylor Linsky-Perez wrote. “This woman loved her children more than anything in this world – and right next to them was her fiancé.”

Vigil to held on Friday in honour Ezekiel Kelly victim Allison Parker.

The West Memphis Police and Mayor Marco McClendon  has announced they will hold a citywide prayer vigil in Parker’s honor Friday.





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