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Who is Elena Gilyard? Clarence Gilyard 2nd wife.

Elena Gilyard will be focused in this article. We will look at their marriage, children and others about the two.

Who is Elena Gilyard?

She is the second wife of Clarence Gilyard. The University of Nevada theater professor was still married to his wife, Elena Gilyard.

He got married to Elena Gilyard in 2001. This was after his divorce from his first wife Catherine Dutko.

Gilyard shared three children with his first wife, before the pair’s marriage ended in a divorce.

He shared two children with Elena Gilyard, before his death.

He spoke about his relationship to Elena Gilyard and his children.

He revealed this in 2017 in an interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal.

He said at the time that, though, he was always busy,but,  his wife Elena Gilyard and the children were very important to him.

He said:

“I met my wife, got married, then we had kids, and my first two children didn’t have me.”

“I was out acting all the time — 15 straight years on network television. But the commitment to my family and my wife is paramount. I knew if I didn’t work on the marriage that it wouldn’t work.”

The Professor also spoke about food. He also revealed the food that Elena Gilyard used to cook for him.

He said his wife used to “makes a chicken enchilada that is killer”.

Clarence Gilyard, who was a known Catholic, was a consultant to a committee of the USA conference of Catholic Bishops.

He was at the committee of communication.

Who was Clarence Gilyard? Elena Gilyard husband.

Clarence Gilyard was born on 24th December,1955 as Clarence Darnell Gilyard Jr.

He was an American actor, author and University Professor.Clarence Gilyard who was a known performed starred in many films, stage  productions and television as well.

Gilyard is famed for his role as terrorist expert in computer in the famous movie: Die Hard.

He also played the role of junior grade Lietenant Marcus Sundown Williams in the movie Top Gun.

Clarence Gilyard other roles in films include, he being an investigator in the movie Matlock.

He was equally Pastor Bruce Barnes in the movie Left Behind.

Gilyard childhood was one that was military encounter as his family was a military one.

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Who are Irene Cara Children?

He was the son of Clarence Gilyard and Barbara. His family was a large one and he was the second of six amazing children.

He allegedly grew up in a military base in Hawaii, but raised up as a Lutheran, who later became a Catholic.

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