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Who is Edward Best? stalker who held woman hostage with hammer as he sits on plane at Dublin Airport

Edward best will be our focus in this article. We will get to know him and why he was stalking the woman.

Who is Edward Best?

He is 26 year old American man.

He met a woman online and they struck a relation together.

Though they never met in person, they played video  games together since 2018.

Things turn sour and the woman blocked him on social media channels.

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Edward Best who was influenced by drink and cannabis came to UK to stalk her.

He made payment for Airbnb after buying a hire car. He reportedly scoped out the woman’s house which is located in Tameside, Greater Manchester, for a number of days.

Who is Edward Best? stalker who held woman hostage with hammer as he sits on plane at Dublin Airport

He research on the woman’s location and finally made an attempt and scaled a wall into the woman’s house.

He met his ex cousin when she was brought to take care of the pets in the house. This was after his ex travel with the family in her father’s anniversary.

He took his ex cousin hostage for three hours by hiding her phone. She finally got help after she was able to type “999” to a friend of hers.

Edward Best had to flee when he realized  his cover was blown. He bought a ticket, but missed his flight by 40 minutes. He then made it to Dublin in Ireland and was in a plane to New York when Garda arrested him. He is said to have googled his name as well google the sentence for charges of invading somebody’s home while he was on the run.

Edward Best sentenced to 7 years in jail.

After his arrest at Dublin, he was sent back to the UK. He has been jailed for 7 years. The judge described him as a “danger to the public”.

Edward Best is said to be deported back to the United States at a later time.

This is what the Recorder, Abigail Hudson of the Minshull Street court said: “There can be few more terrifying examples of stalking than this was.

“You destroyed her online life.

“You destroyed something she took pleasure in, communicating with friends online. She will never recover from your actions over those two years.

“I consider you to be a danger to the public, in my view your deportation would be conducive to the public good.”

Speaking of her cousin who Best held hostage, the judge added: “She had absolutely no idea what you were capable of. This must have been absolutely terrifying.”


By Robert

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