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Elle Edwards

The article looks at Elle Edwards, who is the woman killed in a pub on Christmas Eve in London.

Who was Elle Edwards?

She was a 26 year old woman. She was there at the pub with her sister and friends when the incident happened.

She was shot in the head at the Lighthouse in Wallasey. Elle Edwards was hit on the head by the gunman when he opened fire on patrons at the pub.

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Police say she was not the target. She might have been at a wrong place during that time.

Elle Edwards was quickly rushed to Arrowe Park Hospital. It was at the hospital that  she was pronounced dead.

Who are Elle Edwards killers?

They are said to have fled the scene in dark-colored  car. The dark car is believed to be a Mercedes car.

Police are still on a hunt for the men who killed Elle Edwards.

Her family left flowers at the scene where she was killed infront of her sister and friends.

Elle Edwards killer reportedly shot at the entrance to the pub which was parked at the time.

The pub was parked with young people and also injured a man too.

The 28 year old man who was injured still remains at the hospital with his injuries.

Others were also injured, but have treated and discharged.

By Robert

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