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Who is Dru Ann Mobley?Michael Armand Hammer first wife

Dru Ann Mobley will be up for discussion in this article.We will look at her marriage to  late Michael Armand Hammer.

We will also look at Michael Armand Hammer and his death.

Who was Michael Armand Hammer?Dru Ann Mobley ex-husband.

Michael Armand Hammer was born on 8th September,1955 and died on 22th November,2022 according to

He was a famous American businessman who was born to his father Julian Armand Hammer.

The late businessman  is said to have died on Sunday after an illness.

Michael Armie  Hammer  is said to have worked at a NYC investment banking firm in the past.’

He is famed for his connection to Occidental Petroleum, which is a company set up by his grand father Armand Hammer.

Michael Armand Hammer is reported to have been at board meetings with boards of directors and executive committee of famous Los Angels Dream center.

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He is equally on a committee and reference committee of the Oral Roberts University.

He was involved in the Knoedler which is an arts dealer in New York.

The company closed in 2011 after it was discovered that it bought and resold over $80 million of what was later known to be forged paintings.

Who is Dru Ann Mobley?

She got married to Hammer in 1985,specifically on 12th January.

Dru Ann Mobley managed to make Michael Hammer a christian. Their marriage was at the First Methodist church which is located at Tulsa.

Hammer’s conversion to Christianity led him to being a benefactor to most christian organizations especially those that had to do with evangelism.

Dru Ann  Monley shared two children with her husband.

The children are Armier Hammer who is an actor  and Viktor Hammer.

Armier was born in 1986 while Viktor was born in 1988.

Dru Ann Monley and Hammer divorced in 2012. This was after nearly 27 years of being married to the businessman.

The reason for Dru Ann Mobley divorcing the businessman is not immediately known to us.

By Robert

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