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Who is Donovan Lewis?The Unarmed black man shot in Ohio.

The article looks at Donovan Lewis, the Unarmed blackman shot in Ohio.

Who is Donovan Lewis?

He is a black man who was shot in Ohio.

He was shot while he was sleeping, after the police called on his name for about 8 minutes. He was said to be 20 years.

He is said to have died on Tuesday, the day he was shot. It is said that the police opened his door and the police dog barked. The police officer shot Donovan Lewis in the abdomen.

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The Blackman: Donovan Lewis had a vaping device in his hand, but no weapon was found in his apartment.

Donovan Lewis was under arrest for charges of domestic violence, assault and the improper handling of a firearm.

The police had secured an arrest warrant and that was why they had come to his apartment.

Huge reactions following Donovan Lewis killing.

The Lewis family attorney,Rex Elliott told reporters in news conference Thursday morning that the police had no justification for opening fire on a unarmed person.

“Donovan was unarmed, and he was abiding by police commands to come out of his room when he was shot in cold blood by Officer Anderson,” he said, with Lewis’ mother, father, siblings, grandmother aunt and family friends gathered around him. They were not ready to offer comments or answer questions, the attorney said, but they were “just a few of the many people that have had their lives altered forever because of the events of early Tuesday morning.”

Watch the video of the shooting below.

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