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Who is Declan McGowan?Man who faked being Garda Síochána and assaulted a man with his wife

Declan McGowan, the man who pulled a faked identity and  assaulted a  man in his home, will be discussed in this article.

We will look at the sentence he has been handed with, following that action of his.

Who is Declan McGowan?

He is 33 year old man from Branswood in Athy in Co Kildare.

He is a in the building industry, specifically, a builder.

He has been sentenced to three years imprisonment for impersonation.

He acted as a garda and using that pretext to assault man in his home.

This was after, he led his wife into a car.

This is not his first. Declan McGowan has as many as 31 past convictions.

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He allegedly told the court that he accepts the verdict of his action which occurred on 18th September,2021.

Declan McGowan other previous convictions.

Some of his other 31 previous convictions include making threats to kill and he has three of such convictions.

Declan also have two  cases of assault and causing harm and that exclude his current conviction.

This is not McGowan first attempt at impersonation.

In 2019, he was convicted for impersonating that he is a member of Ganda Siochana.

I think Garda should consider recruiting McGowan, as he seem to have love for the job.

Declan McGowan victims.

Andra Calauz and her husband are his victims in his latest crime.

Calauz told the court that she had stepped out of home after an argument with her  husband on phone. She said, the suspect arrived with a car and asked her severally to get into the car, after showing her something that look like an identification.

In the course of his screaming at Andra Calauz to get into the car, her husband arrived at the scene.

The suspect is alleged to have tried choking Andra Calauz’s  husband.

By Robert

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