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Who is Dean Kerrie? Waterford man jailed for killing at intruder at his home.

Dean Kerrie will be our focus in this article. We will will look at what happened in his home.

We will revealed to you the steps that he took that is sending him to jail.

Who is Dean Kerrie?

He is a 21 year old man from Waterford.

He lives at St Brigid’s Square, Portarlington in Co Laois.

He is been jailed  three and half years for a decision that he took when he was only 17.

He has been tried on two occasion for murder, but had been convicted on the charge of man slaughter.

He allegedly killed an intruder in his home by stabbing him.

The intruder was stabbed in the night when he visited Kerrie’s home.

This conviction was handed to him at the Central Criminal Court.

The judge said he used a “grossly” excessive force. The judge added that he was suppose to use force in defending himself and his family, but he went over board over his choice that night.

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Kerrie’s conviction has been back dated to 30th June, given that he has already spent time in custody.

Mr Justice Paul McDermott gave the conviction with the reason that, Dean was only 17 at the time and that he has been remorseful over the incident.

Who was Dean Kerrie’s victim?

Kerrie’s victim was Jack Power. Jack Power was said to be unarmed at the time of his intrusion to Kerrie’s home.

Jack Powers entered Kerrie’s home, then at Shanakiel in Dunmore East in Waterford.

The incident occurred on 26th July, 2018.

But who was Power?

He has been described as”exceptionally hard-working young man”.

He was a fisherman and was said to have been”fuelled by his father’s encouragement”.

Jack has also been described as some who is model and fun to be associated with especially to his brothers.

What sent Jack Power to Dean Kerrie at that time of the night?

The court heard that Jack was out drinking and later noticed that his car had been damage.

He suspected Kerrie to be the one responsible for the damage.

Driven by the alcohol, Jack made it to Kerrie’s home and smashed their window at the front of the home.

He then entered the house through the front door into Kerrie’s bedroom.

He assaulted Kerrie in his bedroom and reports had it that he also assaulted Kerrie’s mother.

Kerrie spoke about how he found a knife by his bed and he used it to attack Jack.

Many disputed the account of Kerrie about how he found the knife, but the Judge had a different opinion.
Mr Justice McDermott(the judge) said: “I have to consider the nature of what happened that night. The Oireachtas has recognised the special position of those obliged to defend themselves or their property from unlawful attack, particularly in their home. That is therefore a matter that has to be taken into account when considering the culpability of the accused. Those who are attacked in the home are entitled to use force and sometimes lethal force in defence of themselves and their home.”

By Robert

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