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Dayne Victor Miller

Dayne Victor Miller will be up for discussion in this post. We will tell you why the Florida Dad shot the naked man in his daughters room. We will equally tell you what the naked man was doing in his daughter’s room.

Who is Dayne Victor Miller?

He is a 44 year old man from Florida. He is the father of teen daughter who is at the center of this shooting incident.

Dayne Victor Miller.
Image Source:NewYorkpost

He  allegedly shot a naked man in his daughter’s room after the former alerted him about the intruder.

The naked man was in Dayne Victor Miller daughter’s room with one other man.

The pair got into the room accidentally. They are said to have gone out drinking excessively  and lost their way in coming into their own room.

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Dayne Victor daughter then alerted him about the two after one was seen to be naked.

Dayne did what any parent will do in situation where your daughter calls you that there are two male intruders with one of them being naked.

After the shooting Dayne Victor Miller then called the police to inform them of what has transpired.

Miller's Cape Coral home.
Image source: NewYorkpost

What are the charges that Dayne Victor Miller has been slapped with?

The 44 year old dad was arrested in his home on Wednesday.

His charges include “two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one weapon offense”.

Dayne Miller, the dad of the teen daughter is said to have said “I’ll kill you!” before opening fire on the two men.

The intruders came into their senses that they were in a wrong room when the Dayne V. Miller daughter called him to lay the complaint.

He is said to still being held at the Sheriff’s office as at Friday morning. He is expected back in court on 10th April. 10.


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