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Who is David Clash-Miller? Madison man awarded $1.1 million after police repeatedly punched him

David Clash-Miller will be discussed. We will look at what happened and the processes he went through to get the verdict he had today.

Who is David Clash-Miller?

He is a 20 year old man from Wisconsin.

He has been awarded a “$1.1 million in a settlement”.

The settlement followed a video which captured police officers punching him severally in 2019.

This was after he suffered a mental crisis at a foster home.

He was only 17 at the time  when the police from Madison  were called in to take him to a mental facility.

The home security camera showed how the police officers allegedly slammed him against a door.

They forced him into a couch and then, kept a spit hood over his head.

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David Clash-Miller was handed a $1.1 million for that treatment

He was awarded a whooping  $1.1 million.

His attorney,Bob Gingras said:

“Hopefully, it will make the police accountable and thank goodness we had a video in the home.”

The officers who made him suffer those punches were not criminally charged or discipline.

By Robert

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