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Daniel Penny will be discussed in this post.  We will look at how his action led to the death of Jordan Neely.

Who is Daniel Penny?

Daniel Penny was identified as the Marine who put Neely in a chokehold.
Daniel Penny


He is a Marine. Penny is a 24 year old West Islip  man.

He is the one who choked a man at the Lower Manhattan Subway stop.

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He is yet to criminally charged for that fatal choking.

An online resume reveals that Daniel Penny was a infantry squad leader.

Penny was a water survival instructor in the Marines Corps. His services as a water instructor between 2017 to 2021.

Daniel Penny who was deployed twice is said to be active on duty according to the New York Post.

He is still in good standing with the Corps. He is a surf enthusiast and use to work as customer service at a surf shop by name Sweetwater.

Who was Jordan Neely?

The city medical examiner ruled Wednesday that Neely’s death was a homicide by compression of the neck.

He was a 30 year old homeless man. He is said to have suffered mental illness.

This influenced the 30 year old to act erratically. He was doing this on the train station and was harassing  other passengers.

It was this that forced Penny to restrained him and finally choking him.

The choke made Jordan Neely unconscious. He died later.

The medical examiner said Neely’s death is that of a homicide.

The medical officer added that he died from “compression of neck (chokehold).”

Daniel Penny victim:
A subway passenger choked homeless man Jordan Neely to death on the F train in Manhattan on May 1, 2023.
Daniel Penny Neely suffered from extensive mental health issues, according to his family members.

By Robert

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