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Christopher Atkins

Christopher Atkins will be discussed in this post. We will look at how the 12 year old has been involved in the high profile murders in Florida.

Who is Christopher Atkins?

Christopher Atkins:Suspect Christopher Atkins

He is a 12 year old guy. The 12 year old has been described as having a baby face.

He was arrested at home accused of be involved in three murders.

Atkins had others who have equally being accused for these three murders.

Who is Robert Robinson? The other suspect who committed these murders with Christopher Atkins?

Christopher Atkins

Atkins did not committed these murders alone. There are others who did this with him.

One of the Christopher Atkins accomplices is Robert Robinson.

Robinson is a 17 year old guy. He has been charged along with Christopher Atkins. The pair along with one other at large have been be charged with the murder of 3 minors.

Robinson was picked up aftera brawl at school. He was arrested in a gray shirt and is seen walking in handcuffs.

The bodies of these three minors were found this week.

Who is Tahj Brewton? The third accomplice with Christopher Atkins who committed these murders?

Christopher Atkins: Police are offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to 16-year-old Tahj Brewton's arrest.
Image source:nypost

The third accomplice who is at large is Tahj Brewton. Brewton is a 16 year old boy.

He is wanted for the death of these three minors. They police have issue a $10,000 bounty on Tahj Brewton.

Who are the victims who were murdered by Christopher Atkins, Robert Robinson and Tahj Brewton.

Billy Woods, who is the Marion County Sheriff told reporters at a news conference that the three were in a gang believed to be a burglary with their victims.

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He said: “There’s no honor among thieves. At some point, these three individuals turned on our three victims and murdered them.”

The victims in the murder case are Layla Silvernail,Camille Quarles and a third unidentified boy.

Christopher Atkins victim
Layla Silvernail Image Source:nypost

Layla Silvernail was a 16 year old and a softball standout.

The body of Layla Silvernail was found  to have been dumped on the road side on 30th March,2023.

The second victim is 17 year old boy who have not been identified yet.

His body was also dumped in a ditch by the roadway.

Police documents say this 17 year old boy was “wearing a ski mask and black glove”.

Christopher Atkins
Camille Quarles Image Source: nypost

Camile Quarles is the third victim of the teens burglary gang.

Camille who was 16 years was in the trunk of Silvernail’s  car. This was when the car was located in a pond which is nine miles away from where Layla Silvernail body was discovered.

GofundMe which has been setup for Camille said:

“She was really good at softball, she liked volleyball and basketball,” the post reads. “She liked puzzles. She was really good at braiding my hair. She might’ve had ups and downs in life but she was still a good person.”

She was raised by her aunt and she also had siblings.

Silvernail body was initially dumped at a pond  near a place called Ocklawaha according to law enforcement. officers.

The Marion Sheriff said the teens who were all traveling at Silvernail’s car at a point fled the scene. He said:“They fled the scenes but left a lot of evidence in their wake.”

Why did Christopher Atkins, Robert Robinson and Tahj  Breton killed their victims that way?

Police documents sited by NYpost said one of the victims was to buy a firearm from the suspects before the murder took place.

There were witnesses who heard the gunshots at the time the minors were killed and it is believed they were killed at the same time.

Police are considering trying the teens as if they are adults given the severity of the offense.

Sheriff Woods added: “This investigation has been a success because of several factors. Our law enforcement partners with the FBI, the U.S. Marshal’s Service, State Attorney Bill Gladson’s Office, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Ocala Police Department, my deputies, detectives, and forensics professionals, and finally, our citizens who provided numerous tips all along the way.”

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