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Carlton Gilford

It is always the norm that white people target black people because of their race. However Carton Gilford seem to be one of the ordinary as he seems to target white people rather for their race.

Who is Carlton Gilford?

Carlton Gilford

He is a homeless black man. He is accused of killing two white people in what seem like a hate crime.

His killings made law enforcement officers believed that he killed them for their race.

His two victims were not related to him and were complete strangers to him.

It is not clear why he will target and killed two people who are not related to him.’

He was arrested and is being charged for two counts of murder.

His charges include two counts of 1st degree murder as well as two counts of “shooting with intent to kill, and one count of malicious intimidation or harassment”.

Who are Carlton Gilford victims?

His first victim was attacked in a Rudisill library.  He shot Lundin Hathcock around 9.40am. He shot him at the back according to police sources.

Lundin Hathcock was said to be sitting on  a desk at the time. The 35 year old Hathcock was taken to a hospital, but he unfortunately died.

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Gilford was not arrested after that shooting and it is still not clear why he was not arrested.

Later on the same day, he strike again. This time around the shooting took place a convenience store.

He shot his second victim James McDaniel at the back of his head at a QuikTrip convenience store.

James McDaniel who was 55 years old fell to the ground after the first shooting.

He gave a second shot, killing McDaniel instantly.

After killing McDaniel, he is said to have fired shots at a security guard and one other person at the convenience store.

His attack on the security guard and this other lucky person was caught on a surveillance video.

When police officer arrived at the scene, Gilford admitted killing the two white people.

He was still standing at the store when officers arrived at the scene.

Steve Kunzweiler, the Tulsa County District Attorney told KOTV, a CBS affiliate that:“The information suggests that race played a role in it.”

He further added that: “I feel like that is something we can prove, and it is something that a judge or jury obviously needs to listen to. So, we will present that information along with everything else.”

By Robert

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