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Bindi harris

Bindi Harris will be up for discussion in this post. We will look at her life and that of her controversial father.

Who was Rolf Harris?

He was an Australian entertainer who was born on 30th March,1930.

His work as an entertainer included that of a singer, musician, songwriter , composer and Comedian.

Other works that Rolf Harris was involved in include that of an actor, painter and television personality.

That is a tall order for one person, is it not?

What made him gain much fame  was his performances that involved  the use of unusual instruments.

He is noted and credited for the invention of wobble board and he also used instruments like didgeridoo and the stylophone during his performances.

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Aside his fame, he battled with societal issues like sexual offenses.

He was allegedly convicted back in 2014 for sexual assault which was said to have been with 4 underage girls.

His conviction took place in England and this was the last straw which seem to have broken the proverbial camel’s back in his career.

His career which rose to fame started back in the 1950s after he released songs like “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport“.

These songs became instantaneous hits and topped charts across countries like the UK, US and his native Australia.

Who is Bindi Harris?

Bindi Harris

She is the only child of the famous Australian entertainer. Her father got married to his wife, Alwen Hughes in 1958.

As a daughter of a controversial personality as Rolf Harris, Bindi Harris has stayed away from the media as a much as she could.

She is quoted to have said: “I have avoided them like the plague,” she explains with a wide, wry smile as I enter her north London terraced house, “because people only ever really want to talk about Dad, which I find utterly tedious.”

She added that:”The conversation would go straight to my father and I’d think: Oh, no, not again.”

She had tried to live her life without the influences of her dad and had pictures of her father at her home which she said were recently done.

She further explained why she does not want her father’s tag. She said:

“As a child I got fed up with everyone going on and on about Dad because he was on telly and because they imagined he was painting paintings on my walls, being funny all the time. It simply wasn’t true – he was always busy, rushing off, giving his all to everyone else in the world.”

Her father was proud of her indicating in one interview that: “I think she’s become an artist in spite of me. She’s been under my shadow all her life and now it’s her turn to shine.”


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