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Beverly Van Zile

Beverly Van Zile, who is Buzz Aldrin will be discussed in this article. We will look at her marriage to the famous personality.

Who was Beverly Van Zile?

Buzz Aldrin has been married for four times. His fourth marriage took place when the famous personality was 93.

However in this article, we will focus on Berverly Van Zile, his second wife.

Beverly Van Zile got married to Buzz Aldrin on 31st December,1975.

She was born on 11th November,1930. She was born in San Francisco in The United States.

Beverly Van Zile is said to have featured in the 1974 TV series Tattletales. It was a feature about celebrities and their spouses. The series had over 500 episodes.

Buzz Aldrin was Beverly Van third husband. She died at the age of 73 years.

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Her first husband was one Milton Pastornak, whom she got married to in 1949. Beverly Van had two kids with him.

Her second  marriage was said to have been with Calvin Arthur Van Zile. She got married to him in 1956. Beverly Van Zile had two children with her second husband. Her marriage to Buzz Aldrin lasted for only two years. They divorced in 1978.

Beverly Van Z. went ahead to marry her fourth husband by name Dr. Albert J. Sheade in 1985.

She was still married to him when she die in 2004 at 73.

Who is Buzz Aldrin?Beverly Van Zile third husband

He is a 93 year old former American astronaut, fighter pilot as well as an engineer.

He was born on 20th January,1930 and was born as Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr.

Buzz Aldrin had a rare privilge of makiong three amazing spacewalks. This was during his association with the 1966

“Gemini 12 mission”.

Buzz Aldrin along with  famous Neil Armstrong were the first individuals to have landed on the moon.

He was part of the 1969 Lunar Module Eagle on the popular “Apollo 11 mission”.

He had his education at the US Military Academy, where he graduated in 1951.

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