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Mariam Chehadi, the wife of Bassam al-Sheikh Hussein

The article looks at Bassam al-sheikh Hussein, who is the Lebanese gunman who held hostage bank workers and customers demanding for his money.

The standoff have reported ended a few minutes ago with the Bassam Hussein surrendering to the police.

 Who is Bassam al-Sheikh Hussein?

He is a Lebanese who is according to Lebanese Authorities is 42-year-old.

Hostage standoff at Beirut bank ends with gunman’s surrender

Bassam Hussein works as food-delivery driver and have been able to  saved an amount of $210,000.00 in his bank account.

He had gone to the bank to withdraw his own savings to take care of his sick unnamed father and other family needs.

This is what his brother had to say about Bassam Hussein.

“My brother is not a scoundrel, he is a decent man,” Atef al-Sheikh Hussein told the news agency. “He takes what he has from his own pocket to give to others.”

Mughniel who was one of the people who was outside the bank was reported to have said

“He wants to live, he wants to pay his electricity bill, feed his kids and treat his father in the hospital.”

Bassam Hussein family

He is married to Mariam Chehadi. He has siblings and a father who is sick and needs care.

It is the need for money for his sick father that made him took the unusual route he took that made headlines across the world.



By Robert

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