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Aurelia Salinas

Aurelia Salinas will be discussed in this post. We will tell you how her daughter was raped and killed after she sold her out for crack of Cocaine.

Who is Aurelia Salinas?

Luz Maida mum:Aurelia Salinas

She is a 42 year old woman. Her name is Aurelia Salinas.

Police said Salinas is an addict who is under the influence of drugs. The 42 year old was said, not to have been bothered about the where about of her daughter after satisfying her self with her sought after drug.

The sad spectacle of little Luz Maida being taken away by her new buyer was captured on CCTV.

There are other visuals where the little girl tried escaping from the suspect.

Angry residents attempted lynching Aurelia Salinas after discovering what she did and her demeanor of not being bothered about what happened to her daughter.

She was only being saved by police.

The neighbours turned their anger against the house where the suspect killed little Maida.

It has been reported that about 300 people attended Luz Maida funeral.

Who was Luz Maida?

Aurelia Salinas daughter Luz Maida

She was a girl of three years old. She and her mother were residing in Pedro Juan Caballero which is the capital city of Paraguay.

Salinas traded her off for 30 pieces of what has been described as “crack” cocaine.

The total value of the 30 piece of the crack cocaine was valued at a pantry $12.00.

Aurelia Salinas gave her daughter out in the night to a man who was his stranger boyfriend.

She did this to satisfy her addictive appetite for this banned commodity.

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Barely  24 hours after the bizarre sale, the body of little Luz Maida was discovered in an abandoned house.

The assailant had covered little Maida body  and placed it on a bed. He is said to have raped and murdered the innocent girl.

Who is Aurelia Salinas boyfriend who killed little Luz Maida?

The suspect who killed 3 year old Luz Maida was not named.

He is said to have confessed to killing the innocent girl. The unnamed suspect was arrested by the police along with a 17 year old,who is said to have been involved in Luz death.

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