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Artemis Langford

We will look at Artemis Langford, the transgender woman who is become physically aroused around the sorority sisters of Wyoming University will be discussed.

Who is Artemis Langford?

Artemis Langford
Artemis Langford

She is a 21 year old transgender student. Langford is also  a student of Wyoming University.

Artemis Langford has also been described as a woman who is stand at ” 6-foot-2″ and also weigh “260-pounds”.

She allegedly joined the sorority sisters back in September, 2022.

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Artemis Langford who refer to herself as a “he” and “him” is said to be stay for meals and even attends events with the sisters as seen in this photo below.

Langford and sorority sisters outside their house

Kappa Kappa Gamma house sisters sues Wyoming University and Artemis Langford for sexual harassment indicating they live in fear.

Seven women from the Kappa Kappa Gamma house of the Wyoming University are suing the university and Artemis Langford over what they say are living in constant fear.

Langford who is said to be “under the male pseudonym Terry Smith” currently live outside of the sorority house, but is expected to move into the house in coming year according to a  Cowboy State Daily report.

The seven sisters now say they live in fear. One said:

“It’s a weird, gut-wrenching feeling that every time I leave my room there’s a possibility that I’ll walk past him in the hall.”

“It’s a weird feeling just to know that I could run into him anytime … (he has) full access to the house. But this just goes to show like we need women’s spaces for that reason.”

“Like our house is our home. Just like anyone else’s home, like you go home at the end of the day to feel comfortable and relaxed in your own skin. And you can’t do that knowing that this individual has full access to your house.”

One other student also said:

“So some girls live in constant fear in their home and our home is supposed to be a safe space,” said the young woman, who, like the other students, was not identified by name.

“It is seriously an only-female space. It is so different than living in the dorms, for instance, where men and women can commingle on the floors. That is not the case in a sorority house. We share just a couple of main bathrooms on the upstairs floor.”

There was a report that Langford who is refereed as Terry Smith is said to have been physically aroused.

A portion of the suit said: “One sorority member walked down the hall to take a shower, wearing only a towel. She felt an unsettling presence, turned, and saw Mr. Smith watching her silently.”

“Mr. Smith has, while watching members enter the sorority house, had an erection visible through his leggings.” It added that: “Other times, he has had a pillow in his lap.”

One student spoke about leaving the house indicating that:

“But I reconnected with fellow sisters and alumni and I realized how important this organization is to me and to everybody else. And I refuse to allow subverting my rights as a woman to cater towards the comfort of a man. I will not let him take these opportunities away from me.”

It is yet to be seen how things will play in the court over this issue.

The issue of transgender has now become a thorny issue with some of them wining races that are meant for women raising concerns in the process.

By Robert

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