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Who is Armie Hammer? Michael Armand Hammer 1st son

We will discuss Armie Hammer who is the elder son of American famous business man Michael Armand Hammer.

Who was Michael Armand Hammer? Armie Hammer father.

The late famous personality is said to have an empire of businesses. His businesses included the following:

“Hammer Productions, the Armand Hammer Foundation, Hammer Galleries, and the Hammer International Foundation”.

The businessman and philanthropist who was born in Los Angels had his university education at both the  University of San Diego and the Columbia University.

Michael Armand Hammer was born on 8th September,1955 and died on 22th November,2022 according to

He was a famous American businessman who was born to his father Julian Armand Hammer.

The late businessman  is said to have died on Sunday after an illness.

Michael Armand  Hammer  is said to have worked at a NYC investment banking firm in the past.’

He is famed for his connection to Occidental Petroleum, which is a company set up by his grand father Armand Hammer.

Michael Armand Hammer is reported to have been at board meetings with boards of directors and executive committee of famous Los Angels Dream center.

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He is equally on a committee and reference committee of the Oral Roberts University.

He was involved in the Knoedler which is an arts dealer in New York.

The company closed in 2011 after it was discovered that it bought and resold over $80 million of what was later known to be forged paintings.

Who is Armie Hammer?

He was born on 28th August,1986 as Armand Douglas Hammer.

He is the first son of Michael Armand Hammer and Dru Ann Mobley, his mother.

Armie Hammer is also a grandson of Armanf Hammer, his grand father.

Armied Hammer rise to his acting career began through his appearances on television series.

His first major role was in Billy: The Early Years , where he played the role of Billy Graham in 2008.

He is also famous for appearing as one of the twins in The Social Network which depicted the biography of David Funcher.

He even won an award for his role in that film. He also starred in many films like The Lone Ranger, The Man From UNCLE, Call Me by Your name  among others.

His name was hit by sexual abuse and other related claims.His victims claimed he engaged in rape, physical as well as emotional abuse on them.

Armie Hammer denied all claims on him, but the effects on those claims hurt him badly.

One his acting agency dropped him and he had to cancel all future projects.

Who is Elizabeth Chambers? Armie Hammer wife.

The actor is married to celebrity figure Elizabeth Chambers. She is a television personality. Armie shared two kids with Elizabeth Chambers.

Elizabeth Chambers separated from Armie in 2020.


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