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Andre Thomas

Andre Thomas will be discussed in this blog post. We will tell you what sent him to prison and for that matter death row in the first place.

We will conclude with why the prisoner gouged his own eyes and decided to eat one of them.

Who is Andre Thomas?

He is a Texas man. Andre Thomas is a 39 year old man who is on death row.

He is a married man who had a wife. His wife was 20 year old Christine Boren.

He equally had children and did the unthinkable with them.

He was the father of Andree Lee, his 4 year old son and Leyha Marie Hughes, his 13 year old daughter.

Andre killed his own wife and his two children. This is not strange, you may say, but wait till I tell you the rest.

After committing the heinous crime of murder, he went ahead to cut out the hearts of his children.

Andre Thomas was then arrested and sentenced to prison.

He was put on death row for the murder he committed in 2004.

He was billed to be executed on 5th April,2023. However this has been put on hold. This after what he did.

Andre Thomas gouged out his own eyes and ate one?

The execution was halted after the inmate decided to gouged out his own eyes. Not only that he ate one of them.

Abomination!!!! Is it not?

He took out the first one and decided to go after the second one. This is ridiculous and unbelievable.

His lawyer said he took out his eyes in two separate instances. The reason why he  ate one of them according to him was to  “ensure the government could not listen to his thoughts”.

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This strange behavior of the convict is making the State District Judge Jim Fallon to issued an “order on Tuesday withdrawing the execution date”.

This follows an application by his lawyer who requested for time to prepare him.

He thinks his client is having mental illness.

It is clear that the Texas Supreme Court prohibits the executions of what has been described as “intellectually disabled”.

It not indicate if those  with mental illness are part of that prohibition.

The court however ruled that death row inmates must be examined to  determine if they are competent before they are executed.

Maurie Levin who happens to be his attorney said:“We are confident that when we present the evidence of Mr. Thomas’s incompetence, the court will agree that executing him would violate the Constitution.”

He added that “Guiding this blind psychotic man to the gurney for execution offends our sense of humanity and serves no legitimate purpose.”

Andre Thomas
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Did Andre Thomas actually killed his family in obedience to God’s command or it is a sign of his mental illness?

Andre Thomas


He is said to have told the police in 2004 that he killed his family because God Instructed him to.

He added that he believed that his wife and children were demons.

More religious leaders wants Andre Thomas execution halted?

It has been reported that over 100 religious leaders have appealed to the State Governor to have his execution halted.

The judge’s ruling has put to an end, what the state governor, Greg Abbott was bent on doing.

Many are also of the view that the execution should go ahead. They say the religious leaders does t not know the nature of the case.

One of such persons is J. Kerye Ashmore who is at the Grayson County District Attorney’s Office. He said:

“None of these people know anything about the case. They are parroting what the defense has told them.”

Andre Thomas

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By Robert

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