Who is Alyssa Thompson? USA U-20 women soccer player.

The article looks at Alyssa Paola Thompson. We will look at the life of the player.

Who is Alyssa Paola Thompson?

Miss Alyssa Thompson is USA under-20 player who is playing for the country in the 2022 FIFA women’s world Cup in Costa Rica.

She was born in 2004  and is said to have played soccer since her childhood.

Alyssa Thompson is from the Southern California region. Alyssa Thompson  had her high school education at the Harward -Westlake and her team name is LAFC so Cal (ECNL) and that of  her club is Total Futbol Academy.

Her College choice is Stadford and is a Stadford class of 2023 and she has committed to that.

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Alyssa Thompson is a forward and is 23 years old.  Alyssa Thompson plays for Girls soccer team. She was among the 20 players who were selected to represent the U-20 United States Women National team(USWNT) in the confederation of North , Central and Caribbean Association football(CONCACAF) women’s championship tournament.

This opportunity with USWNT denied her the chance to play for her school’s team as the winter season conflicted with that of the tournament.

Alyssa Thompson was one of the only two youth club players that join the team for the CONCACAF which was mainly made up of  college aged players.

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Alyssa Thompson has a big dream as far as her commitment to the country is concern. She is quoted to have said “I want to become one of the best in the world at this game,” Thompson said. “I want to make the full Womens National Team and be a key player for them.”

Thompson had admitted that her team’s strength pushed her to compete at a high level during the CONCACAF women’s championship tournament.

“[My teammates] are all a year or two older than me,” Thompson said. “The [playing] level is high because we are all striving to be our best and earn a spot on the [World Cup] team.”

Alyssa Paola Thompson at her maiden Women’s U-20 World Cup.

Alyssa Thompson actually made it to the 2022 FIFA Women’s World Cup and was named among the USA U-20  team that made it against Ghana in Costa Rica 2022. The young player gave the United States their second goal in the 2022 Fifa U-20 women’s world cup.

Forward Alyssa Thompson’s goal marked her fourth international goal and first in a World Cup.

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