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Alisa Bajraktarevic

Alisa Bajraktarevic will be discussed in this post. We will tell you what she did to stop her boyfriend who is a drug dealer from being arrested.

Who is Alisa Bajraktarevic?

She is a 33 year old police officer.  She is a Bronx Robbery Squad Officer. She is

Her popular name on social media specifically on Instagram is Alisa_619.

She appeared on Instagram as a hardbody fellow or fans only model.

She did all she could to stop the Narcotics detectives from busting her drug dealer boyfriend who is said to be a major dealer.

How did Alisa Bajraktarevic prevented his boyfriend from being arrested?

She is said to have caused much commotion when police officers tried stopping their car on Saturday.

Narcotics detectives have been monitoring her boyfriend who is said to be major drug dealer.

Police source told the nypost that: “Narcotics had been watching him.” The source further added that

“One day they pulled him over. “They didn’t know who she was until she stepped up and said who she was.”

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A second source added that: “She jumped out and got involved.”

“She definitely gave them a hard time.

“They called in for backup.”

“He’s a really bad guy and known to the department.”

Her action caused officers to let go of her supposed boyfriend.

“They ended up letting him go, but they dropped a log on her.”  Though she managed to get her boyfriend to go off the hook, she suffered an internal punishment from her employer. This was after  an Internal Affairs Bureau complaint was made against her. The source who spoke to the Post added that: “It’s a dumb thing to do.”

Who is  Alisa Bajraktarevic boyfriend and how did she meet him?

Not much is known of the relationship that existed between Bajraktarevic and her boyfriend. The two are said to have met at the gym.

She was warned not be associating with criminals as seen in this quote by a police source.

“They tell you from day one you shouldn’t be consorting with known criminals.

“This person eventually is going to use you as a get-out-of-jail card, which is what he did.”

She has however refuted allegation that her boyfriend is a drug dealer. She even added that their car was parked when police came to them.

She allegedly told a reporter that: “There’s certain things I’m not allowed to speak on as per the department.”  But was quick to add that: “But the alleged drug dealer? That’s not under investigation.

“He’s not a drug dealer.”

Alisa Bajraktarevic

By Robert

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