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Who is Alexander Nikulin? The Russian judge who sentenced two Brits to death in Ukraine

Alexander Nikulin will be discussed in this article. We will look at the circumstances under which he was shot in the Russian Occupied Ukraine.

Who is Alexander Nikulin?

He is a judge in Russian controlled region of Donetsk.

He is at the Supreme Court of the Donetsk Republic.

He has been shot in Vuhlehirsk, and is said to be in critical condition.

He is famed for sentencing two British citizens  to death.

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The two Brits: Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner were handed a death sentenced by Alexander Nikulin.

Nikulin gave them a death conviction as he puts it,for they being ‘mercenaries’.

This follows the Brits decision to fight for Ukraine. They were however  unfortunately captured in the famous Mariupol siege.

Not much is know of Nikulin, but he is a strong supported of the Russians.

His attacker is unknown and Russian is blaming Ukraine for the attack.

Alexander Nikulin assassination attempt: Increasing attacks on Ukrainian working for the Russians.

The shooting of Nikulin is not an isolated case. BBC News reports that there have been an increase in attacks of Ukrainian who are working for the Russians.

The British News organization say, many of such individuals have either been killed or shot like Nikulin.

The anger against such persons is even exacerbated after the Russians latest attacks on the Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

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