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Who is Actress Lauren Holly? Nick Holly sister.

The article focuses on actress Lauren Holly. The actress is mourning the loss of two of her family members and we will tell you, those she is mourning.

Who is actress Lauren Holly?

Lauren Holly who was born on 28th October,1963 is an American actress.

She is popular for her role as Deputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart in the Picket Fences series.

Lauren Holly also starred in the series NCIS.

She played the role of Jenny Shepard in the NCIS series as its director.

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Lauren Holly other works include:  being Dr. Betty Rogers in Motives and in Dumb and Dumber, she played the role of Mary Swanson.

Lauren Holly husbands

Nick Holly sister has been married thrice. Lauren Holly first taste in marriage was with fellow industry fellow, Danny Quinn.

It was a marriage which started in 1991 and by two years time, their love had grown cold already.

Her marriage to Danny Quinn ended in a divorce in 1993.

After three years of being single, Lauren Holly had love again. Her new love was with Jim Carrey. They are said to have met during auditions of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

She failed the auditions, but had love in the process. Her meeting with Jim Carrey during that auditions, led to a marriage in 1996.

Lauren Holly second marriage, the first did not last too.

This is not strange, as celebrities marrying each other is always one that often end up with divorce.

Her marriage to Jim Carrey was even shorter than the one with Danny Quinn.

Their marriage life was even shorter than their dating life. Lauren Holly divorced from Carrey in 1997.

Lauren who is both a Canadian and American citizen, took a three year break after her second divorce.

She found love after those three years with another man. This time, she did not look for a celebrity, but settled for a banker.

She got married to Francis Greco, who is an Investment banker. The Canadian born banker was able to contain her for a time.

Lauren Holly and her husband, went for adoption. It is not clear, the source of the inability of the couple to reproduce.

They adopted as many as three children. We will talk about their children shortly.

Their marriage which started in 2001, couldn’t go beyond 2014.

Lauren and Francis Greco divorced in 2014.

Lauren Holly children.

As indicated earlier, she adopted three children with her recent ex-husband.

Lauren Holly’s children are Henry, George, and Alexander Holly-Greco.

She is said to be living in Ontario Canada with her three adopted children.

Who are the two family members that Lauren Holly lost within two weeks?

The actress is mourning. She is mourning the loss of two of her family members.

Her only surviving brother, Nick Holly died at 51. Lauren also added that she lost her father as well.

She shared her loss through an Instagram post. This is what Lauren had to say in that post.

“I’ve lost my father and my brother in the last two weeks. I just want to say out loud how much I loved them. How much I will miss them. Grant. Nick. Dad. Little Brother. Soar. Hold A. Et all.”

Her post elicited response from fellow industry members.

Actress Holly Marie Combs responded to her post by saying: “I Love you and them.”

Holly Robinson Peete, comforted her with this post: “Oh I’m so sorry Lauren—I consider it a blessing to have known you for 40 years. You’ve always been such an amazing person and I’m sending you so much love and condolences right now.”

Who was Nick Holly? Lauren Holly brother

Nick Holly was a famed writer as well as producer. He was popular with the 2006  Australian soap opera Sons & Daughters .

Nick Holly was a manager and co- creator of the popular soap opera:Sons &daughters.

His other works include: The LeBrons and The Weekend.

What is the cause of Nick Holly death?

He died at the age of 51 at  his home which is in Santa Monica, California, USA.

He died from cancer and his family has issued a statement on his death.

“A larger than life character and hilarious story teller, Holly regaled his many friends with epic tales from his myriad adventures. From the plains of the Serengeti to the produce aisle of Whole Foods, Holly was always the hero. He will be remembered by all who knew and loved him as a great thinker, philosopher, and lover of Scotch.”

His known sibling is his sister Lauren Holly. Lauren is an actress and she shared an emotional tribute to her brother on Instagram.

Actress Lauren Holly wrote: “I’ve lost my father and my brother in the last two weeks. I just want to say out loud how much I loved them. How much I will miss them. Grant. Nick. Dad. Little Brother. Soar. Hold A. Et all.”

His brother Alexander Innes Holly, who was born in 1977, died in 1992.

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