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Johnny Letron Brown and Willie George Brown Jr. will be discussed in this post. We will look at their involvement in the deadly  Alabama teen party killings.

Who are Johnny Letron Brown and Willie George Brown Jr?

We will look at them separately, beginning with the last suspect

Who is Willie George Brown Jr.?

Willie George Brown Jr., 19, of Auburn, was arrested and formally charged with four counts of Reckless Murder.

He is the fifth suspect in that infamous Alabama teen party shooting.

Willie George Brown is a 19 year old man. He was taken to custody and charged with four counts  of “reckless murder”.

This was made known by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. His arrest brings the total  number of arrest in that case to five.

Though, the law enforcement officers are yet to disclose the motives for the attack, we are aware that the shooting occurred at a time when the birhtday cake was not cut at all.

Who is Johnny Letron  Brown?

Johnny Letron Brown

He is a 20 years old man.He was arrested on Thursday in  that infamous party murders.

He has been charged with four counts  that killed four people including Phi Dowdell.

Who are the other 3 suspects in the Alabama teen party shootings?

The other suspects who were arrested earlier included the two teen brothers of Tyreese Reik McCullough and Travis McCullough.

Tyreese Reik McCullough is the senior of the brothers and he is 17 years old.

Travis McCullough, 16,

His other teen brother is 16 years old Travis McCullough.

Travis McCullough, 16,

They were arrested on Tuesday night.

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Who is Phi Dowdell? The Alabama birthday party shooting victim.

The other suspect in the party shooting that took the lives of four people include is a man believed to be 20 years.

This 20 year old man is Wilson LaMar Hill Jr.

Wilson LaMar Hill Jr.

They are facing four counts of reckless murder.

Who were the victims of that sweet 16 party murders?

They are Phi Dowdell who is brother to the birthday girl, Alexis Dowdell.

This what the District Attorney said about 18 year old Phi Dowdell. He said : “Lexi’s brother was one of the victims. On her 16th birthday party, she knelt by her brother as he took his last breath. That’s what we’re dealing with.”

The other three who lost their lives also include Marsiah Emmanual “Siah” Collins who was 19.

The other two are  23 year old  Corbin Dahmontery Holston and 17 year old  Shaunivia Nicole “KeKe” Smith.

Mike Segrest who is the District Attorney told pressmen that:“We’re going to make sure all those victims have justice, not just the deceased.”




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