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Travis Doss and Amanda Stamper

Travis Doss and Amanda Stamper will be  discussed in this post. We will tell you how the couple starved and even caged their own children in animals cage in their home.

Who are Travis Doss and Amanda Stamper?

Travis Doss and Amanda StamperTravis Doss and Amanda Stamper

Travis Doss and Amanda Stamper are a couple in Las Vegas.

Travis Doss is a rapper who goes by the stage name “Trap Montana”. He ply his career in cars, mansions and many other spots.

Travis is a 31 year old man while his wife, Amanda Stamper is a much older woman who is 33 years of age.

Travis Doss and Amanda Stamper are both parents of six children with two of them  being boys who are aged 9 and 11 years respectively.

Amanda Stamper is a mother to one of the six children while the remaining five are her step children.

Amanda’s only child is a two year old child.

The couple are fighting for their rights with law enforcement officers after a video emerged showing them caging their two sons in animal cages.

Why did Travis Doss and Amanda Stamper starved  and caged their own children?

A video which was released by cops showed how the couple starved, battered and even caged their children.

Travis Doss and Amanda Stamper

The elder son of the couple say his father did not just starved and caged him, but beat him badly for no cause.

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The young boy said he had not eaten for days and had to share the little food he gets with his siblings.The boy said:

“He kept saying that he was always hungry and that’s why he stole, and then he said, ‘It’s food that’s in the trash, so how is that even stealing?’ ”

“And he kept saying that he needed big food because he was a big boy now and that he would have to share one large fry from McDonald’s with like all six kids and just that he was never really fed and that’s why he stole.”

So the main reason why the couple caged and starved their children was because of theft.

This theft according to their elder son was because he was not given enough food.

Doss who was asked why he caged the children responded that he had no choice.


Travis Doss and Amanda Stamper
Travis Doss and Amanda Stamper
Video grabs from police body cam footage shown by KLAS shows Las Vegas Metro police rescuing six children a one-bedroom, one-bathroom extended-stay apartment near Flamingo Road and Valley View Boulevard. Travis Doss, 31, and Amanda Stamper, 33, were arrested and charged.


Travis Doss and Amanda Stamper

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