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Tom Verlaine wife and children

Tom Verlaine wife and children will be up for discussion in this article. We will determine if Tom Verlaine had wife and children and tell more about them.

Who was Tom Verlaine? Lizzy Mercier husband.

He was born on 13th December,1949 to a Jewish family. Tom Verlaine was born as Thomas Miller in Densville in New Jersey.

Verlaine who learnt piano at an early age, moved to Wilmington when he was only six.

Tom Verlaine later turned his attention to the Saxophone when, he was in school.

His switched to saxophone was influenced by Stan Getz. He heard a record from and was sort moved by it.

He later added guitar to rock and jazz after the Rolling Stones “19th Nervous Breakdown“, when he was still an adolescent.

Tom Verlaine bandmate, Richard Hell were once friend in school. They both attended the same school and even escaped to New York City from school.

Verlaine  form a band called the Neon Boys along with his school friend, Richard Hell.

They also invited a drummer by name Billy Ficca. However the band could not fly, because the could not get a second drummer.

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Aside the band work, Tom Verlaine also had a solo career. He came out with his first solo album in 1980.

He had to moved to England due to the huge reception he had from fans from that part of the world.

He  also had collaborations with artist like Patti Smith.

He also had a studio album and live recording too. His “songs and other things” album came out in 2006.

Who is Tom Verlaine wife?

Many are asking the question of who is Tom Verlaine wife. This follows the death of the singer and musician after a short illness.

Not much is known of the famous personality. There are rumors that Tom Verlaine had a relationship with Patti Smith.

The answer to the question who is Tom Verlaine wife is that, either he was not married or kept his married life out of the public domain.

Who are Tom Verlaine children?

There is not details of Tom Verlaine children. We cannot determine if he had children with someone or not.

There are no information of Tom Velaine children by adoption either.

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