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Who are Tina Turner two children?

Tina Turner two children will be discussed. She shared these two children with two different men.

Who was Tina Turner?

She was born as  Anna Mae Bullock on  November 26, 1939.

She later transitioned as Tina Turner. Turner was an American born singer, dancer, author and actress.

She later naturalized as a Swiss citizen. She is famed as “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll“.

Her rise to fame was when she was with Ike & Tina Turner Revue as their lead singer.

She later went solo and had a successful career too. Her first record was Boxtop which she produced under the name Little Anna and she came under the name Tina Turner in 1960 with her debuted hit “A Fool in Love“.

Her collaboration with Ike Turner in what was known as “Ike & Tina Turner” is said to be  “one of the most formidable live acts in history”.

The singer died today, 24th May,2023.

Who are Tina Turner two children?

Her first child was with Raymond Hill. The name of her first child is Raymond Craig.

Craig was born on 2oth August,1958.

Raymond’s father is  the man considered as Kings of Rhythm  and he is in the person of saxophonist Raymond Hill.

Tina Turner second child was with Ike Turner. The name of Tina Turner’s second child is Ronald “Ronnie” Renelle Turner.

He was born on October,27,1960. The famous late singer gave birth to her first child, Raymond Craig when she was only 18 years.

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Tina Turner and her second husband adopted her first child Craig.

How did Raymond Craig, Tina Turner’s first born die?

Craig is not alive. He died in 2018. Raymond Craig was found dead in July of 2018.

His death was said to be from suicide.

Where is Tina Turner second son?

Ronnie as he is popularly called is in to music just like her mother.

He plays bass guitar and is in the “Manufactured Funk with songwriter and musician Patrick Moten“.

He equally played for his parents band too.

Who is Ronnie Turner wife?

Tina Turner second born, Ronnie is married. He is married to Afida Turner, who is a French singer.

Ronnie also died in 2022. he died through colon cancer.

Who are Tina Turner grand children from Ronnie?

Tina Turner had grand children from her second son, Ronnie. She had two grand children from Ronnie’s marriage to Afida Turner.

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