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Sylvia Syms children

Sylvia Syms children will be our focus. We will determine the names, careers and more about Sylvia Syms children.

We will examine further the life of her famous daughter, Beatie Edney.

Who are Sylvia Syms children?

Sylvia Syms’s children are not happy at the moment as they are mourning the death of their mother.

She shared these children with her ex-husband, Alan Edney.

Slyvia Syms children are Beatrice Edney and Benjamin Edney.

Who is Beatrice Edney?

She is the daughter of famous British actress, Sylvia Edney. She was born on 23rd October,1962.

She was born 4 years after her parents got married. Beatrice Edney is a British actress.Her first popular role was in “Highlander”. She starred in that film as Heather MacLeod in the 1986 film and that was entry into the Highlander series.

She also appeared in Mister Johnson and did this along with Edward Woodward and Peirce Brosnan.

Who is Benjamin Edney?

One of Sylvia Syms children is Benjamin. He is the brother of famous actress Beatrice Edney.

Benjamin Edney is also a cousin to musician, Nick Webb.

Not much is known of Benjamin Edney. We don’t have details of his career or marital status.

Who was Sylvia Syms?

She was a British actress, who was born as Sylvia May Laura Syms.

She was born on 6th January,1934 and was a recipient of “The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire”(OBE).

Sylvia Syms was famed for her roles in the popular 1957 film Woman in a Dressing Gown.

She equally starred in the following films, Ice Cold in Alex, Victim, the Tamarind and No Tress in the Street.

Sylvia Syms also had a role in The Queen which was a movie about the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

It was a movie which came  days to Diana’s funeral.

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Sylvia Syms was the daughter of Daisy and Edwin Syms. Her parents had careers in trade unionism and civil service.

Her education was at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Who is Alan Edney? Sylvia Syms children father.

Sylvia Syms was married to her husband Alan Edney. They got married in 1956.

Alan Edney and his wife, Sylvia  had happy moments. They equally had rough moments in their relationships.

This resulted in their marriage ending. The marriage between Alan Edney and Syms ended in a divorce.

Edney divorced from the marriage in 1989.

They shared children together.  They had two children and that include their famous daughter Beatie Edney.





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