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Dave Wills wife and children

We will look at Sportscaster Dave Wills wife and children. We will look at his marriage to his sweetheart and exam their lives individually.

The sportscaster died at the age of 58 in his sleep.

Who was Dave Wills?

Many are mourning the death of famous Dave Wills.

He was an American Sportscaster who was born as David Herbert Wills.

The late Sportscaster was born on 13th March,1964 and was raised in Chicago.

Dave Wills used to work at Tampa Bay Rays and he did this from 2005 all the way till his death.

The late presenter did his broadcast along with his partner Andy Freed.

The pair are said to have had alternate roles  during Rays games broadcast.

Dave and Freed are reported to have exchange roles every innings.

Dave Wills had a “multi- year” deal with the radio station after the 2017 season.

He is said to be the fan of the Chicago White Sox in the Major League Baseball. The late 58 year old sportscaster is reported to have played basketball and baseball during his days at Oak Lawn Community High School.

His journalism career also started at school where he wrote for his school newspaper.

Dave Wills also attended Elmhurst College and continue his journalism career by working at his school newspaper.

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He studied speech communication and urban studies.

What is the cause of Dave Wills death?

The team from Tampa Bay Rays announced that the late sportscaster died in his sleep.

He died at his home, which is in Lutz.

Many have been paying tributes to him. Wills longtime partner, Andy Freed had this to say about his former work partner.

He wrote: “(Legendary broadcaster) Jon Miller would say that, as a broadcaster, you want to be good company, that you’re with people all the time in their cars, in their houses, when they’re doing yard work,” Freed said. “And Dave himself is very good company.

“He could make you laugh. At least me; he could make me laugh until I fell off my chair. But he also could be a great sounding board when things weren’t going well. And he was a very, very good listener.”

His manager,Kevin Cash wrote that Dave Wills death is “a pretty devastating day” for his family and a  “Shocking, sad, heartbreaking covers all of it.”

He added that: “Dave meant so much to so many people and certainly is going to be very missed,” Cash said. “But we can choose to think about all the good times we had with him, all the laughs, and what he meant to this organization top to bottom.”

Who is Dave Wills wife?

Dave wife and children will be discussed here. We will look at his wife and finally conclude on his children.

He was a family man. Dave Wills was married to his wife by name Liz Wills.

He used to live at Lutz in Florida with Liz Wills.

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Their marriage was a happy one as the couple shared children together.

They shared two children together. Wills who served as a recruiting coordinator and pitching coach at Elmhurst was survived by his wife Liz Wills.

Who are Dave Wills 2 children?

Dave Wills and his wife Liz Wills had two children. Wills is reported to have bragged about his children. He also told funny stories about his beautiful wife Liz.

One of Dave Wills children is his daughter Michelle.

Michelle Wills posted on Facebook about the death of her dad. She wrote :“To know Dave was to love Dave. He had an infectious personality and an uncanny ability to talk to anyone and everyone and make them laugh.”

Joe Maddon, Dave Wills former manager said: “He loved his family. He loved his work. And we all loved him.”


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