Who are Shauntel Trone and Freddie Lee Trone? The suspects in the murder rapper PnB Rock

Freddie Lee Trone and Shauntel Trone will be our focus. We will look at the suspects in the killing of famous rapper PnB Rock.

We will examine how the two Trone’s  family members are connected to the killing of the musician.

Who is Freddie Lee Trone?

He is a 40 year old man.

He is third suspect in the killing of famous rapper known in private life as Rahim Allen.

Police have identified Freddie Lee Trone as the one who was involved in the shooting of musician PnB Rock.

The suspect still on the run and is being pursued by the police.

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Freddie Lee Trone is considered to be heavily armed and dangerous.

A police officer by name Capt. Kelly Muniz said:”He should be considered armed and dangerous”.  “If you see him, you are urged to call 911 for immediate assistance.”

Who is Shauntel Trone?

She is a 38 year old woman.

She has been arrested on suspicion  of being of playing a role in the murder of PnB Rock.

She is the wife of main suspect Freddie Lee Trone.

Freddie Lee Trone son also arrested

An 18 year son of Freddie Lee Trone has also been arrested.

He is said to have been at the parking lot of the eatery along with his father.

He is believed to  be the one in the car when his father went for the booty.

He drove off with his father after the shooting.

He is said to be likely charge for the murder of Rakin Allen popularly called PnB Rock.

The musician who is widely known for hid song selfish was killed after he was eating in an eatery.

The suspects allegedly took some valuables from him,before shooting him.

Who are Shauntel Trone and Freddie Lee Trone? The suspects in the murder rapper PnB Rock


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