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Who are Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown? 2 of the 4 Americans who died after their kidnapping in Mexico

Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown will be discussed in this post. We will tell you how the two die. We will also tell you of the current locations of McGee and Eric James, the two survivors of the unfortunate abduction of the four Americans in Mexico.

The New York post is reporting that the identities of the 2 Americans who died in that attack has been revealed.

The two victims who died in that shoot out and abduction are Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown.

The confirmation according to CNN was from a US official who is familiar with the investigation.

Who are Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown?

We will look into the lives of Shaeed and Zindell Brown who went to Mexico with their friends and never came back alive.

Who is Zindell Brown?

He left American and headed to Mexico, but could not return alive.

Before the confirmation of his death, his family and friends were already devastated.

Zindell was  one of the four Americans abducted and kidnapped in Mexico. He has a sister by name Zalandria Brown.

Zindell Brown sister spoke about their experience since he was abducted in Mexico.

She said: “This is like a bad dream you wish you could wake up from.”

She further added:“To see a member of your family thrown in the back of a truck and dragged, it is just unbelievable.”

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Zindell Brown had two friends and the third person with them was a pal.

Zindell Brown and his friends have accompanied  the third fellow to get what his sister said was a “tummy tuck surgery”.

Who is Shaeed Woodard?

 Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown

He is one seen in the picture above.

He was one of the 4 Americans kidnapped in Mexico, who have now been unfortunately confirmed as dead.

He is a 33 year old man. His only crime he committed was to accompany his friends to have a tummy surgery in Mexico.

Woodward is reported to had “traveled from South Carolina to Mexico with pals Latavia “Tay” McGee and Eric James so McGee could undergo a tummy tuck procedure, relatives said Monday”.

Where are McGee and Eric James, the pair that survivor the Mexican gang kidnapping.

The pair are the ones who survived the attack. Though lucky to have survived they will be traumatized to have witnessed what they saw.

McGee and Eric James are reported to have been rescued and “rushed Tuesday to Brownsville, Texas“.

The pair were taken in a convoy of ambulances and SUVs. They were said to have been escorted by “Mexican military Humvees and National Guard trucks with mounted .50-caliber machine guns” according to The

Police report say one of the two Americans who survived the kidnapping is seriously injured. The identity of the two survivors who was injured was not disclosed.

Has the suspects behind Zindell Brown and Shaeed Woodward kidnapping and death being arrested?

Information gathered say the Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said “one individual was in custody on Tuesday”. The suspect arrested is said to be that of Jose Guadalupe whose picture is shown below.

Jose Guadalupe
Image Source:Gettyimage
Jose Guadalupe was the only suspect arrested 

The real motive for the kidnapping is one which is currently unknown, but there is suspicion that the 4 Americas were confused to be that of  Haitian drug smugglers.



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