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Ronnie Turner children

The article focuses on Ronnie Turner children. Did Ronnie Turner had children with his wife?.

Who are Ronnie Turner children?

Ronnie Turner Children is a question which has been asked a number of times. This has now intensified following his death.

He got married to his wife in 2007. His wife is Afida Turner.

There is no information about Ronnie Turner children. It is not clear if Ronnie Turner children has been kept out of the public domain or he has none at all.

He and his French wife separated for some time after some disagreement. The pair have since recoiled and were living together, before his death.

Who is Afida Turner?

She is the wife of the son of American and Swiss singer Tina Turner.

Afida is a French  and American singer. She is also a reality star and the pair got married in 2007.

Afida has not been a friend to Ronnie’s mother Tina Turner.

She has on several occasions, pointed her accusing finger on the woman known as the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll“.

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Who was Craig Turner? Tina Turner’s first son

Afida Turner problem with Tina Turner is that the latter has refused to help her son Ronnie financially.

She said, Ronnie’s mother don’t help him at his most difficult time of his life.

Afida Turner and her husband marriage came to its lowest point in 2017. They had indicated their separation in 2017.

They have however, recoiled their differences and were back together, before Ronnie Turner’s death.

Afida Turner is reported to be huge on social media, but the same cannot be said of her late husband.

Afida had dated late musician Coolio for closed to two years.

She also dated famous boxer, Mike Tyson.

Yes, she is also a politician.

She had announced her candidature for the France ,2022 election.

Her party was the “opposing  police Violence”. She was popular with the famous Yellow Vests Movement in her country.

She however withdrew from the voting,announcing her decision on 11th January,2021.

Who was Ronnie Turner? Afida Turner husband.

Ronnie who died at the age of 62 at his home was an American actor and musician.

He was born on 27th October,1960 to his mother, Tina and father Ike Turner.

His biological sibling died in 2013 and was by name Craig Turner.

His brother had the same mother with him, but different fathers.

Ronnie Turner   was an American actor and is popular with his role in the movie What’s Love Got To Do With It.

He is said to have chosen the career path of acting, rather than singing.

His other career was being an estate broker in famous Los Angeles.

Ronnie Turner music career also saw him play for his parents bands, even after their divorce.

He is said to have lived at Beverly Hills in California in what has been described as in luxury.

His birth name was Ronald Renelle Turner.

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