Who are Meghan and Connor McCarthy: Kelvin McCarthy children

Meghan and Connor McCarthy, who are US newly elected House of Representative speaker, Kelvin McCarthy will be hugely discussed.

We will tell you more about the kids that Speaker, Kelvin McCarthy shared with his wife.

Who are Meghan and Connor McCarthy?

They are the two children that Speaker Kelvin McCarthy shared with his wife, Judy.

Meghan McCarthy was born on 2nd August,1996. She is a 26 year old woman now.

Meghan McCarthy sibling is a boy. He was born on 3rd April,1994. He is two years older than his sister.

Kelvin McCarthy first born is Connor McCarthy. He was born, two years after the marriage of his parents.

The couple maintained a flexible time management for Meghan and Connor McCarthy, when they were young.

Their second born, Meghan was battling with Lyme disease and needed to be frequenting hospital for medical care.

We will look at their respective careers.

Meghan and  Connor McCarthy  are the only children of their parents.

What does Meghan McCarthy do?

She is said to be a songwriter , screen writer as well as a executive creative director. Meghan McCarthy is also a film and television producer.

She rose to fame with her role in the Cartoon television program titled  “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”.

Meghan McCarthy is well known and has been credited with the creation of  “Fish Hooks and Class of 3000”.

Rising out of a battle with Lyme disease as a child, she is also on TikTok with some of her videos.

What is  Connor McCarthy, career?

He is the first born of the family. The 28 year old is the only son of Speaker, Kelvin McCarthy and his wife, Judy.

Not much is known of what Connor  do for a living(career). He is a family man. Connor McCarthy is married to his wife,Emily Ann Morris.

He got married to Emily Ann Morris in 2020 in December.

Who is Judy Wages? Meghan and Connor McCarthy mother

She is the wife of the 55th  Speaker of the United States House of representatives, Kevin McCarthy.

They got married in August of 1992.

She was born on 6th December,1964. Judy grew up in the California part of Frazier park.
Judy Wages was born to her parents Sharon and Harvey Wages.

Her relationship with Kelvin McCarthy dates back to their days as students at Bakersfield High School.

They have been through good and tough times together as high school sweet hearts.

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Judy Wages had to deal with the accusations against her husband of having an affair with another lady.

Kevin McCarthy was accused of having an affair with Renee Ellmers, a representative.

Both denied the claims, but it did not affect Judy and her husband’s marriage.

Who is Kelvin McCarthy? Meghan and Connor  McCarthy father

He was born as Kevin Owen McCarthy  on 26th January, 1965.It is not surprising that he had to struggle to obtain the speaker-ship vote and only securing it on his month of birth.

Kelvin McCarthy is a US politician, who has just been elected as  55th speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

He is a proud member of the Republican party of the US. He was the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives.

His tenure as minority leader dates back to 2019 to 2023, when he assumed the speaker -ship role.

He is in his ninth term in the house, representing the California 22nd Congressional district.

He first came to the house in 2007 to 2013 as representative for California 22nd congressional district.

He came the 23rd Congressional representative from 2013 to 2023.

He now becomes the 20th District representative from 2023.

Born in Bakersfield in California, he had his education at the  California State University, Bakersfield.

He worked as a firefighter, while schooling. Kelvin McCarthy was a former chairman  of the Young Republicans  as well as the Young Republicans National Federation.

He came to the California State Assembly from 2002 to 2006. The last two years, he spent it as its minority leader.

He came to Congress in 2006 and got  elected to “House leadership in his second term as Republican Chief Deputy Whip from 2009 to 2011”.

Kelvin McCarthy became majority whip in 2011, when the Republicans took control of the house.

He relinquished that position when he got elected as majority leader. He was elected to replace the outgoing Eric Cantor.

He assumed that position after defeating Eric Canter in the primary election.

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